Encouraging Participation in The Classroom Through Interactive Programs

From individual to collaborative learning, the education system has evolved throughout the years as learners seek different levels of learning experiences. Today, technology has allowed schools to offer a different type of classroom environment to the student. Rather than a typical teaching set-up, newer forms of learning emphasize involvement, engagement, and creativity. 

Creating School Communities

At the center of the process is the school learning community. The goal of creating learning communities has been promoted by programs such as Class Dojo. Technology ushered in more opportunities for research and developing tools that would propel the classroom into the 21st century. Learning has become a connected process where the students interact with their peers and teachers. 

Through these innovative, connected programs, parents are also integrated into the learning ecosystem. Research has shown that parental involvement and engagement is critical to the success and development of the student at school. As such, these connected programs integrate parental involvement as a component, allowing them to engage with their sons or daughters online. When all elements are put together, a successful learning outcome for the student becomes the clear goal. 

Facilitating Learning and Creativity

These new online learning methods include adopting connected digital portfolios for students. Check this site out to see how the method works in a real-life classroom. Having an online portfolio allows students to do their projects individually then share it with their classmates. Through the program, students can express their creative style by adding filters and colorful embellishments. 

Whether these are videos or digital images, students can share their final work with their own learning communities. The sharing process hones their social skills. Plus, these programs also help build their writing skills. Some are integrated with a journal or blog feature where students can jot down their thoughts at the end of the day. 

Evolving Education Landscape

The Association of American Educators promotes a variety of professional resources to the education community. These resources include guidance on facilitating creativity and critical thinking in the classroom. As an organization, they also believe in exploring different types of learning methodologies and creating learning communities, as it adapts to the changing education landscape. 

Collaborative educational platforms are built to address the evolving needs of the current generation of learners. Aside from encouraging interaction, it provides a venue for sharing and supportive evaluation among students. It also becomes a venue for encouraging parental involvement in the student’s learning process.

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