EtherUniverse: the World’s First High Performance Cross-Chain Project over EOS.IO

Ether Universe ( is the world’s first decentralized high-performance cross-chain system. It allows connecting different blockchains and exchanging value across them. Combining the speed and scalability of EOS.IO, Ether Universe may support up to millions of transactions per second, at a low latency and a low cost for cross-chain transfers. Ether Universe shall become an important infrastructure in the blockchain ecosystem.

Since Bitcoin was introduced in 2008, blockchain technology has become increasingly popular and potent. At present, most digital assets are isolated within their own blockchains. In future, thousands of blockchains may operate in different industries respectively. If a user wants to make use of functionalities of a blockchain, he/she might first need to purchase tokens of the blockchain. This would greatly limit the competence of the value of blockchain technology.

Ether Universe is supposed to solve this issue. Ether Universe is dedicated to provide infrastructure services for different blockchains, and thereby to connect them and allow exchanging value across them in a decentralized manner. Based on Ether Universe, blockchains which are currently isolated may be connected. Be it a public blockchian, a private blockchain, an alliance blockchain, or an application based on a blockchain, it may integrate with Ether Universe seamlessly. Cross-chain digital asset liquidity shall be made profoundly easier.

The developers of Ether Universe come from Bay Area, South Korea, China, Deutschland, and UK. The team has been long devoting in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. In-depth reseaches on BTCreply, RootStock, Polkadot, and Cosmos have been made in order to propose the solution of Ether Universe with its own advantages and characteristics.

Ether Universe will provide an efficient and capable cross-chain solution based on EOS.IO. This is made possible by combining logic subchains of other blockchains and a sidechain of EOS.IO, which is featured by allowing maximally one million users working together, easy upgrading, recovery from bugs, low-latency, and high performance in either serial and parallel computations. Ether Universe may further build a robust cross-chain service platform and beat all existing service providers in terms of transaction volume.


Ether Universe is designed to enable exchanging value across different blockchains. In order to achieve this, we first need to implement a logic subchain based on Ethereum or another blockchain. A logic subchain is created as a software of a blockchain, then a two-way anchoring between it and the target blockchain is made to enable operations including locking. The communications between Ether Universe and EOS basechain is implemented with the cross-chain communication feature provided by EOS.

Ether Universe employs a mechanism of miners, witnesses, guarantors, and a reward system to secure the information over blockchains other than EOS. At the very beginning, Ether Universe employs several trusted nodes to help verifying transactions; these nodes are located on sidechains of different blockchains. This will accelerate the development of Ether Universe. When the network grows mature, Ether Universe will gradually enhance its verification system; guarantors will participate in verification processes. And eventually, Ether Universe will verify transactions combining votes of miners and witnesses.

In future, increasingly more blockchains with distinct features and purposes will emerge. Ether Universe shall connect different blockchains. In order to enable the communications across more blockchains, Ether Universe provides a series of public services including status channels and service APIs. Any application based on EOS may make use of Ether Universe to implement inter-blockchain information exchange functionalities.

Ether Universe shall become a cmopetent infrastructure for blockchains. It shall provide basic applications based on its own basechain, e.g. cross-chain wallet apps. This may push blockchain technology forward and make it even more accessible by the public. 

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