Revolutionary green money saving pool pump filtration system debuts on Kickstarter

Eco Shark is a groundbreaking eco-friendly pool pump filtration system which makes pool care more convenient than ever and also costs way cheaper than traditional pool pumps.

Talk about the most expensive appliances at home, and it’s pool pump that often gathers the maximum flak from homeowners. $1,062 a year on just pool filtration is simply taxing! But what if you can get hold of a pool pump water filtration system which is not only more powerful than the traditional pricey options but also costs just a fraction of their expenses? Sounds utopian, right? Well, an upcoming Kickstarter campaign is all set to turn the tables in our favor with a pathbreaking eco-friendly money saving pool pump filtration system.

Los Angeles-based inventor Alan Soucy has developed a futuristic pool pump which not only makes pool care more convenient than ever but also costs just 10 cents a day- instead of around $3 a day as see with traditional pool pump models. Titled as “Eco Shark,” it’s also an eco-friendly solution whose carbon footprint is a meager few pounds a year in place of 15,000+ pounds imposed by existing pool pumps.

“I know how expensive it is to maintain a swimming pool at home. I built my own in-ground pool at home with great expectations, but it’s the costly pool pump and large energy bills that have spoilt half the fun for us. Such rocketing expenses inspired me to brainstorm a solution which will not only lower down the pump and filtration cost but also make pool care easier. And thus Eco Shark was born”, smiled Alan while talking about his innovative system which he founded with Bruce Gassin and Gary Iacobucci Sr.

The futuristic pool pump water filtration system embodies a powerful 80W unit, supported by 24V DC-3 phase brushless motor and an energy efficient IC chip frequency-controlled variable power controller. The power controller is further backed by dry-run protection and automatic shut-off capacity.  Eco Shark can move up to 3,000 gallons of water per hour. The machine can be used with or without a pool vacuum as per the needs of the user.

While asked how Eco Shark works, Alan explained- “The pump will pull water and pass it through the filter. Then, the filter will trap polluted water and allow clean water to tread through the system into skimmer net. It will create a strong water current which will pull the top debris into skimmer net and ensure a clean ambiance for the water surface.”

Eco Shark is easy to use and does not need any modification on your existing plumbing system. Users will just need to plug the whole thing into a 110 power outlet in any part of their pool, and the machine will be ready to operate.


“Our innovative pool pump water filtration system also comes with a variable power controller to help you to adjust speed as per your concerns. Then, we have also backed it up with a timer which can be scheduled to turn the system on & off automatically. Put simply; you have a revolutionary system here that will make your pool care easier than ever and more affordable. We are aspiring for mass production, manufacturing, and solid marketing now – hence this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will help the world to save the two most valuable resources, money, and energy.”

Backers will be rewarded with the new advanced Eco Shark filtration system at discounted rates. For more, please visit Kickstarter.

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