Dehesa offering golf, archery to middle school students

In addition to having numerous physical and mental health benefits, exercise is also a perfect way to prime students for learning in a safe and fun environment where students can learn to adopt healthy habits and maintain an active lifestyle.

At Dehesa, educators promote lifelong health by providing students with a wide variety of sports and physical activities for students to choose from, including two exciting additions, archery and golf. This will be the second year archery and golf is offered at the middle school level during PE and as an after0-school program.

Compared to last year, golf will run for one trimester with a small group of ten kids who are committed to playing the sport. These students will learn every aspect of the game: rules, putting, and driving the ball. Students begin on putting practice and putting range then transition to playing on the course.

Students who are interested in learning archery can learn about the sport during PE or after school with the Dehesa’s archery team, which gets to compete against other schools throughout the year.

Dehesa encourages all students to participate in sports and increase their physical fitness. Maintaining an active lifestyle helps adolescents improve their cardiorespiratory fitness, help build strong bones and muscles, manage their weight, decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression, and prevent various health-related illnesses.

About the Dehesa School District

Founded in April 5,1876, the Dehesa School District is one of the oldest school districts in San Diego County. It serves students from kindergarten to 8th grade and consists of a single school located in the eastern part of the county. The district provides each student with an equal opportunity to excel academically and acquire the skills necessary to succeed beyond the classroom. Dehesa School is governed by a five-member school board and the Superintendent, Nancy Hauer.

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