Mengtop Technology Co.,Ltd Announces Partner Program for Companies to Build Their Brand & Increase Profitability

Local companies can build their brand with the innovative and unique products supplied by Mengtop Technology Co.,Ltd.

The Mengtop Partner Program is aimed at helping small and local companies to build their own brand and increase profitability in their respective markets. Besides offering high quality and unique products, the company offers free promo materials for companies to build their brand without spending on advertising and promotions.

The spokesperson reveals that building brand value requires a lot of efforts and investment, and Mengtop Technology Co.,Ltd allows their partners to create their own brand. “With our unique product designs and one-to-one service, you can build up your brand in an effortless manner,” he states. The company provides the complete supports to its partners and consumers are provided with every detail so that they can purchase products with confidence. The features of the products are fine-tuned to make products stand out from the ordinary products and help local companies to get more customers.

Mengtop Technology Co.,Ltd Announces Partner Program for Companies to Build Their Brand & Increase Profitability

The company strives in building brands with their innovative product, like the cat eyes power bank. This unique power bank has been designed with innovative features, such as cat’s blinking eyes, which indicates the battery voltage of the power bank. The opening of the cat’s eyes determines the battery level and one can learn when the power bank needs to be recharged. One can swap at the back of the power bank to wake it up to start charging a mobile device. Available in black and white colors, the power bank comes with a C Type port for an easy use and fast charging.

Mengtop Technology Co.,Ltd has another important product that can help in the brand building. This product is the family charging station. Available in pink, blue and yellow colors, this family power station is highly attractive in looks, and allows fast charging of devices. It supports multiple devices and is ideal for the whole family, where each family member is possessing different types of devices. Weighing just 122g, the power station is highly portable and is convenient to use.

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About Mengtop Technology Co.,Ltd

Mengtop Technology Co.,Ltd started its business with the B2B department from EasyAcc, which is set up in 2015. Due to rapid expansion of many more projects, they build a company named MENGTOP, and start their operations in February of 2017. MENGTOP carefully selects factories with years of expertise in the field, and works together to help develop quality, innovative and unique products. MENGTOP according to customer’s requirement and their own idea creates new products. All products available with them are original, from the initial concept, research, designing to the final production process.

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