How A Disabled Veteran and Music Genius Is Changing The Gaming World Dramatically

March 22, 2018 – A life-long nerve damage sustained to his left arm during his time in the Marine Corps was a beginning to a new journey that would open a new circle of influence for Geoffrey also known as “Djabk” Maunus. After taking about 7 years to partially recover, he found his new “Mission in life” through his passion of gaming.

Now using video games as his in-home therapy regimen, Djabk is gradually becoming a new sensation on how to survive, thrive, live and enjoy each day. Djabk’s love for music and games has been his therapy since his life-changing injury as he is more dedicated to creating video game music with EDM and hip-hop influences to create a more lively sound for gamers, competitors, and even streamers across the world.

Creating music for a little under 10 years specifically for Video Games and E-Sports, music has been what I was doing this whole time. I am not a typical musician; I just sit here and mess with sound until they click in my head. I tell everyone I live in this fantasy world and it’s space. Music is what brings me to that bliss,” says Djabk.

He says further, “I am learning every day and I hope to become a better artist and grow into one of the best. This is legit all I have done. Well, and help raise 5 kids which is a job in itself.

Proving that there are no limitations, Djabk even navigated the tech space by creating his own website

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