ESM-Embodied Stress Management – Guide for a stressfree life

“ESM-Embodied Stress Management” by Konrad Wiesendanger
The healthy movements introduced in Konrad Wiesendanger’s “ESM-Embodied Stress Management” can be carried out anywhere and anytime.

Everyone who has looked into how to live a more stressfree life has heard about mindfulness and the incredible effect it can have on their soul and body. While this sounds nice in theory, real life tends to get in the way. It is hard to be mindful, when life is always busy and there seems to be no way to escape stress. Fortunately, with ESM, readers can learn to be mindful even when everything around them goes haywire. ESM (embodied stress management) is easy to understand and requires no prior knowledge of other methods. Readers learn how to observe themselves exactly at the time when stressful moments appear. The ESM method helps people to restore access to their body’s resources.

The self-help guide “ESM-Embodied Stress Management” by Konrad Wiesendanger includes exercises that are accompanied by a micromove: a discreet, invisible movement that can be carried out anywhere and anytime and will smooth the edges of any unpleasant experience of stress. People who find themselves tense and unhappy during stressful times will find this book very helpful.

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