March 22, 2018 – A Fundraising campaign has been established for a stylishly designed flashlight that is more than just a flashlight, it is an ergonomic smart Flashlight that gives you a special experience.

Experience Lighting at its peak with great high tech hardware torch flashlight which gives the users complete control.

It was designed in Hong Kong and developed to be suitable for all circumstances and conditions where users can see no matter their location.

This incredible flashlight size has no weight issues with portability that enables a seamless experience for the users’ every day; this is your perfect night companion with a pocket-friendly design.

The hardened 100˚ flashlight lens provides a wide field of vision that goes beyond that of conventional flashlights and it is very reliable providing 24hours usage on a full charge.

It is easy to charge, compatible with a huge number of USB chargers with a battery level indicator that shows your level of power in the device.

Special technology is used to make the wide angle, save energy and bright of light in LED and a lot of cooling testing.

SCREEN LIGHTING also has One-year Replacement warranty and an excellent customer support willing and friendly to help you with any assistance concerning the device, also shipping cost ranges from $5-10.

SCREEN LIGHTING is designed with style and engineered with precision, the SCREEN LIGHTING is a modern-style portable flashlight that fits easily into your bag, ready to spring into when you need it, available in two colors (black and silver).

They are available now for pre-order on Indiegogo for the early bird price of $56.

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We used two years to develop the ECO Technology for the chipset of the light source, well, it’s saved a lot of energy yet get brighter than others. We do a lot of work behind, a lot of research and testing. We don’t use CREE because it wastes energy and is very hot.

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