Nicola Cosmetics Launches Full Coverage Magnetic Eyelashes for Alluring, Gorgeous Eyes

Keysborough, Australia – March 22nd, 2018 – Eyelashes have a magnetic power of their own, with every blink sending forth their unique subliminal messages. What if the eyelashes owed their lush, dense looks to actual magnetic forces too? Nicola Cosmetics has brought out just one such innovative product that will change the way ladies prim themselves for those important dates – the Nicola Magnetic Eyelashes!

Magnetic eyelashes by Nicola is a new concept, and uses fine quality, synthetic eyelashes that attach themselves to the natural eyelashes through thin magnetic strips. The new technology makes wearing false eyelashes a breeze, and all it takes is a few simple steps to get an alluringly new look. Lightweight, reusable and safe to wear, Nicola magnetic eyelashes fit all eye sizes and cover the entire lash line, with no sticky glue to deal with.

Made with the latest micro-magnetic technology, Nicola’s new product will let the ladies acquire thick, long and gorgeous eyelashes in a few simple steps. Give the eyelashes some extra curve, trim if necessary, and apply the top and bottom strips as directed. In a few seconds, be ready to attract more attention wherever you go. The magnetic eyelashes can be used with eye shadows and eye liners too.

We strive to constantly discover new ways for beauty lovers to experiment and have fun with the looks. We work full time making fresh and innovative makeup products that make life easier and more fun,” said a spokesperson from Nicola Cosmetics.

Nicola magnetic eyelashes are handmade with finest quality synthetic material, tested internally for safe use. The Princeton Consumer Research too has cleared the prolonged use of magnetic eyelashes without any adverse effects. The material is ultra light weight, and is uniquely designed to fit any eye shape or size, extending along the entire lash line for seamless results. The magnetic eyelashes come in two different styles, the ultra thin Beauty Blossom and the extra volume Spicy Scarlett.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Nicola believes in doing things differently. Their products inspire this spirit, and the urge to step out of comfort zone, face the unknown and grow who you are. The magnetic eyelashes are ideal for everyday use and can create either a natural look or a dramatic style.

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