PHS Besafe Provides A Workwear Laundry Service & Industrial Garments

At PHS Besafe, we collect certain workwear and industrial items and ensure they are cleaned and repaired to a high standard, at the same time preserving their effectiveness and compliance.  We maintain the highest standards of care for all our items as we pride ourselves as the leading commercial laundry service in the UK.

Here are Our Methods

Step One: When you make an enquiry about PHS Besafe’s laundry service, a member of our professional team will run through exactly what you and your business needs. Our laundry service can be used together with any of our Garment applications, whether or not you take advantage of our all-inclusive full rental garment service, buy your protective workwear outright with our clean and maintain package, or use our industrial laundry service as needed for your separately rented or purchased clothes.

Step Two: We collect any soiled protective workwear out of your work site (from the pre-agreed transport and collection point), and this could be returned on a particular day of the week, as well as inside 7 days. For any gear that may have been uncovered to silica dirt, you’ll want to make certain those are placed in one of the soluble containers supplied, and take those in a collection bin before they’re gathered from your site by our team at PHS Besafe.

Step Three: When your workwear arrives on-location, our crew hand segregates the garments by their properties, consisting of flame resistance and high visibility. This guarantees that they’re laundered efficaciously, and that these standards are preserved to make sure your compliance with the relevant safety law, in addition to your employee’s health and safety.

Step Four: After segregation, we wash your protective workwear with an natural detergent that facilitates to alleviate skin infection to the wearer, even as it remains being powerful at removing oil and grease. Workwear items are also laundered at forty degrees to prevent harm to their primary structure and specialist properties, and garments in soluble liners will be washed in their containers.

Step Five: To protect features including reflective tape, zips, and logos, all protective garments are dried on a low temperature in convection tunnel dryers. Items are then inspected to make sure no harm has come to these features, and if so the relevant repairs will be made. Inspection sheets will be completed to define all assessments being made to your workwear.

Step Six: If any maintenance and changes need to be made in your safety workwear, those will be cautiously completed before the objects are brought back in your work site.

Step Seven: All garments will be polybagged and also returned to your work site at the agreed shipping and collection point.

Reporting may be accomplished for the duration of the laundering system, and every item can be given a completely unique barcode reference that includes data at the proprietor, employer, and the correct site to return it to. This ensures that every garment can be effortlessly tracked, located, and referenced.

If your business requires an expert team to deal with the maintenance and cleaning of industrial workwear get in touch with PHS Besafe using the contact information below.

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