Woman turns to a crowdfunding campaign to seek a home to live and support her family of 7 kids

A Californian woman named Michele has started a crowdfunding campaign on Freefunder.com to support her family of 7 kids, some of them with special needs. Her family is in dire need of a decent place to live because currently, they’re living in a trailer with leakage, mold problems, and malfunctioning appliances.They have been tricked by the owner and was forced to buy this trailer which is made from cheap materials and a lot of issues which make it inhabitable for any family.

Michele, her husband, and 7 children were living happily in a rented house until they faced financial challenges and had to downsize. They decided to move to a modest home and this is when they rented the trailer, only to realize that the owner defaulted on his loan. They bought the trailer inexpensively but soon found out that there were a lot of issues with it, which the owner hid from them. It is getting highly difficult for Michele and her family to live in this house which is why she’s seeking help from the masses through this fundraiser.

Michele has started this fundraiser with a goal of raising $75,000 which will be used to replace the current trailer with a new park model or a small house which is suitable and safe for her family. “We are a hard-working family that wants to show our children what can be achieved through hard work and loving relationship. Please be the good Samaritan and help us with any amount you can give. We are truly grateful for your donations”, says Michele on her crowdfunding page.

At present, Michele’s family is living in worse conditions and the current market prices are making it difficult for the family to afford or rent a place. Moreover, no one wants to rent them any place because of too many members in her family. This is why buying a tiny house is the only and best option for them.

The times are tough for Michele and her family. She badly wants to give a better future to her kids but is failing to do so. Their current financial situation isn’t allowing them to arrange a proper living. Help Michele in giving a better life to her family by donating on freefunder.com.

Website: https://www.freefunder.com/campaign/in-search-of-good-samaritans

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