Lice Treatment Center in Grand Rapids, MI, Assists School Staff in Fighting Pest Outbreaks

Lice Hunter is helping local school nurses and staff members respond to potential lice outbreaks in their schools by offering a 40% discount on treatment options. The lice treatment center in Grand Rapids, MI, offers lice removal services and care products.

As the school year continues, students are at an ever-increasing risk of head lice infestation. These parasites can pose serious discomfort and pain through itchiness and rashes, and if left unchecked, may infect multiple classmates, as well as the faculty members in a school. To counter the risk of outbreaks, Lice Hunter is offering special discounts to school nurses and staff.

School faculty is at the front line when it comes to monitoring head lice infestation. As such, it is important that nurses and staff have the right support in the event they are affected by lice and nits. Lice can spread quickly, and what was once a singular case can easily turn into a long-term problem for many students and adults. To that end, Lice Hunter is giving school staff throughout Grand Rapids and the surrounding area a 40% discount towards head lice treatment. The quicker the infestation is caught and omitted, the easier it is to maintain a lice-free environment.

Lice Hunter helps clients find relief. As a dedicated lice treatment center, the company uses the latest methods to get rid of lice and nits. Likewise, the specialists at the clinic are trained and experienced in identifying and neutralizing infestations. They also facilitate treatments that prevent the return of lice.

The lice treatment clinic administers all procedures with comfort and privacy to the patients. The specialists also use pesticide-free and environmentally friendly products to get rid of lice, their offspring, and their eggs. After treatment, patients may purchase effective personal care products to prevent re-infestation.

Lice Hunter is at the forefront in repelling head louse infestation. Their state-of-the-art clinic provides professional treatment in a comfortable, child-friendly environment. Visitors can take advantage of effective care plans, including a membership program which includes unlimited checks for lice. From infestation prevention to sustained care, Lice Hunter lets students and their families find relief.

Call (616) 899-4187 or visit the website to request an appointment. Lice Hunter is based in Grand Rapids, MI, and serves students, school staff, and their families throughout Ada, Cascade, Forest Hills, East Grand Rapids, and the surrounding communities.

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