Joanne Du Plessis provides key information on seeking compensation for hair damage

Hair treatments and procedures are a lot more common today than ever before, and millions of people visit a salon or hair centre for various forms of treatment, be it a simple haircut or more complex procedures such as hair dyeing. But hair damage has become more common as well, and this is where expert solicitor Joanne Du Plessis gives key advice and info on seeking compensation.

UNITED KINGDOM – 23 Mar, 2018 – Hair damage due to negligence or recklessness has become an all too common occurrence, especially since the beauty and hair salon industry is not as well-regulated as many people may think. The damage to hair can take on many forms, but the most common injuries include scalp burns due to the improper application or use of chemicals, hair follicle damage, hair which has become brittle and weak, hair loss, allergic reactions, and more.

A lot of individuals suffer these injuries silently, not knowing what they could do to seek compensation. And this is where a solicitor like Joanne Du Plessis comes in. Joanne Du Plessis has been involved in claims for beauty and cosmetic treatments as well as hair treatments for many years, and she knows precisely what to do in such a circumstance in order to make a claim.

For those who are seeking key information on what they can do and what they can expect when making a compensation claim, Joanne Du Plessis has the answers. According to Joanne Du Plessis, “The key factor in determining the compensation in each case is the length of time hair re-growth takes. Special awards for loss of earnings or loss of enjoyment may also be relevant if the injured person was unable to get to work or attend a special event.”

Joanne Du Plessis adds, “Compensation claims may also be appropriate where a hair stylist did not carry out skin patch tests 24 hours before treatment, offer hair strand tests where required, inappropriate chemicals were used in treatment, electrical appliances have not been safely tested or products were mishandled or misused.”

Making a claim for hair damage has also become much easier with Joanne Du Plessis’ help. At the solicitor’s website, interested parties may start a claim simply by filling in a form which provides Joanne Du Plessis with their personal information such as their name, email address, postal address, telephone number, and the details of their specific claim.

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Joanne Du Plessis is well known as an expert solicitor when it comes to claiming compensation for hair damage, cosmetic injuries, beauty treatment injuries, and more. To get more information on how to move forward with hair damage claims, visit Joanne Du Plessis’ website.

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