Trine Chain is Waiting to Lead a New Round of Technological and Industrial Revolution

It is afraid that only the tycoon can play well at the block chain artificial intelligence. A new round of technological revolution and industrial change is emerging. The formation of big data, the innovation of theoretical algorithms, the advancement of computing power and the evolution of Internet infrastructure drive the artificial intelligence and smart payment into a new stage, and intelligence is becoming the important direction of technology and industry development. The artificial intelligence ecosystem plays a role on the block chain, and will be able to acquire power from a platform like Trine Chain and put it into the hands of scientific and technological intelligence and be truly decentralized.

By building the bottom layer system of the block chain, Trine Chain applies it to three fields which include Internet of things, artificial intelligence and intelligent payment, then combine them to form the Trine Chain value internet. In addition to the three main areas mentioned above, Trine Chain will also build a secure, fast, universal and easy to develop block chain platform. The financial industry itself has a lot of valuable data to analyze. It is a big trend in the future that how to combine mathematical modeling methods to deal with the problems of the financial industry.

This means that IoT devices will play a huge role in the data collection of artificial intelligence training in the real world. Privacy and security will be important, while Trine Chain has a solid foundation in building a block chain based on IoT devices. Artificial intelligence might use the Trine Chain platform to collect data resources and form a resonant integrated sharing system.

Trine Chain effectively solves many problems of IoT in equipment identity permissions management, intelligent contract mechanism, data security and privacy protection, data resources trading trust mechanism, etc. and reconstructs the value of online and offline open value system and credit system, greatly expands the Internet value-added services and industry increment space.

Trine Chain’s block chain technology enables the unchangeable/auditable tracking of data which will lead to the data provenance of training test data and model, thus improving the reliability of data and models. Improving productivity for artificial intelligence.

Trine Chain’s TRC Pay’s payment and exchange network system is a composite decentralized network based on the BOLT protocol for customizing and implementing scenarios such as digital currency payment, exchange and fiat money settlement. It consists of a combination of decision-making networks and execution networks, and solves the third-party intervention in the entire payment channel link and avoids the occurrence of centralization risks.

In addition to connecting the IoT, artificial intelligence and intelligent applications, the Trine Chain system also provides a rich intelligent contract interface for users to share values. Users can flexibly create various types of smart contract applications on the block chain, and then use our TRC as their smart contract construction gold, which can also enjoy the value sharing and value incentive brought by Trine Chain’s entire value network.

The interface provided by Trine Chain is rich enough, so the potential is infinite as long as there is sufficient imagination.

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