Qidian Consulting – Leading the Blockchain Industry

2018 is a year for blockchain. New blockchain technological revolutions and industry revolutions are deepening and the whole blockchain industry layout is reconstructing, aiming to become the first industry driving force.

On 14th, March, Qidian Consulting and all product lines appeared on Nasdaq in Time Square at New York, the United States. It is the debut show of Qidian Consulting in the United States and such appearance marks that Qidian Consulting roots in China and starts to explore potential blockchain market worldwide.

Qidian Consulting is a pioneer in blockchain industry. At present, it possesses Qidian Business School, Blockchainlist, Blockchain Talent Network, Global Blockchain C50 and other derivatives and Qidian Consulting devotes to becoming an integrated solution provider in blockchain industry and it standardize, internationalize and professionalize Chinese blockchain enterprises.

Qidian Business School, as China’s first educational institute focusing on blockchain business spreading, devotes to accelerating China blockchain industry upgrading. Swarming Peking University, Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China, Chinese Academy of Social Science and many top-notch research institutions together, Qidian Business School aims to accelerating China blockchain technology development, providing qualified training and optimizing blockchain industry.


Blockchainlist is China’s first blockchain interview programme interpreting blockchain enterprise development from all angles. Up to now, we have already finished 200 interviews. Our guests include many industry elites and they want blockchain fans to better know the status quo of blockchain industry in China. The original goal of Blockchainlist is to establishing a knowledge sharing platform for all blockchain professionals and lovers to discover new business mode. Now it is determined to being the most authoritative, professional blockchain media platform, so as to creating more communicating opportunities for people in blockchain industry. In the future, Blockchainlist will be the bridge among governments, academic institutions, enterprises and financial capitals.

Blockchainlist is an integration of industry news, industry news and interviews and it knocks the door of blockchain technology applying and provides blockchain professionals with insightful industry analysis and suggestions to push blockchain ecological industry.

Global Blockchain C50 is a road show organization aiming at spreading blockchain knowledge and communicating blockchain positive power and it integrates all available resources to empower global blockchain industry. (Including capitals, talents and all industry nodes).

With tolerance, inclusiveness, autonomy, distribution and decentralization, Global Blockchain C50 welcomes more media, institutions, project parties and guests to create blockchain profoundness together.

51bcrc.com is China’s first servicing institute for blockchain talents. It focuses on providing blockchain enterprises with blockchain technology and talent recruiting services to assist enterprise layout.

Blockchain, as a trust machine, could totally change the expressive mode of the whole human society. Being the most popular technological word, blockchain technology has already attracted the attention from government and financial circle. As an internet database technology, blockchain is decentralized, transparent and everyone could join the database recording. Now blockchain is commonly seen in our daily lives.

Along with the subverted internet mode, blockchain mode will make an afresh decentralized era starting from its own business mode. During the transformation from information internet era to valued internet era, blockchain technology, as the technological core, is gradually forming the future intelligent society. The future belongs to blockchain and Qidian Consulting, as the pioneer of blockchain industry, will utilize all available resources to form a blockchain year.

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