Promoting cultural self-confidence, Deng Chaoyu’s work goes to the world stage

Recently, the works of Deng Chaoyu, a national goddess and a cultural celebrity across the border, have been included in the world classic literature and art series by non-official organizations of the United Nations, and have been successfully signed.Her works will be more widely spread around the world, adding a heavy color to the spread of traditional Chinese culture.The United Nations Office of Non-official Affairs, after careful evaluation, unanimously believes that Ms. Deng Chaoyi has achieved extraordinary creative results in the field of poetry and music art, meeting the requirements of a high standard of the world’s art. Inclusion in the world classic literature and art series list for the integration of global cultural boutique contributed to the rich and wonderful content of the Chinese nation.

Deng Chaoyu was born in Jingchu, Zhongling Yu-Sau, and grew up in the family of Scholars. Now she is a famous person, musician and poet of cross-boundary culture, and also serves as ambassador of cultural exchange and city image. Since her childhood was surrounded by the Tujia culture atmosphere, her initial art edification comes from her mother as a teacher. Tujia is a nation that can sing and dance well, and Chaoyu is no exception. More than ten years of persistence let her in vocal music, classical dance, guzheng and many other competitions win the gold medal. Over the years, Deng Chaoyu has been devoting herself to spreading Chinese national culture. As a musician, she participated in the production and singing “Tujia Girls”, “Spring Festival Light”, “newly compiled six mouth Tea” and many other songs that show the customs of Tujia people and spread Tujia culture. They have now been published in English and French versions.

Deng Chaoyu specialized in poetry writing. After graduating from Central China Normal University, she continued to study at the Communication University of China and Peking University and became the youngest disciple of Ji Xianlin, a master of Chinese culture. After continuous trials and exercises, poems containing the beauty of the Chinese classics, swaying out of the elegant rhythm of the rhythm of the surpassing hand, several poems of far-sightedness began to appear in front of everyone in a different way. To pay tribute to her respected teacher Ji Xianlin, Deng Chaoyu has also published two editions of his personal poetry and music album “YuXiangLiaoLiao”. The book of poetry has been translated into French and published in France. It has become the world’s card for understanding China, and Harvard University, Senators of the United States Congress, and President Pruset have highly appreciated it. She became the first musician to enter Peking University’s lecture hall. Yan Taifeng, the famous writer, calligrapher and poet commented on Deng Chaoyu: “The rhythm of the soul and the superb mountain and sea”.

”In 2017, at the official invitation of “Belt and Road” International Film week, Chinese and French cultural exchange envoy Deng Chaoyu went from Jiang Zhibin, China, to Cannes, France, wearing her own tujia dress, which she was involved in designing and improving. It is to take only Tujia girls can only single eight hook embroidery craft, thread through the Phoenix totem, gorgeous and elegant, become the world to understand Chinese culture a business card. Three minutes and eight close-up shots on the official screen on the red carpet in Cannes have focused the world’s attention on the girl in plain makeup and her own national costume. Deng Chaoyu’s unique national intangible cultural heritage, “Xi Lankapu”, has become the most distinctive national dress in the history of Sino-French cultural exchange.She presented Tujia tapestry to French actress Juliet Binoche and many international friends on the spot. Deng Chaoyan said, “they all say that the ethnic group is the world. The reason I chose Tujia clothing is that the elements of nationality and fashion can collide with each other, and the red carpet can show the beauty of Chinese national culture more intuitively.” Reduce the complexity of national clothing, combined with the trend of the world and the elements of the East, highlight the national beauty and fashion characteristics.”

In addition to the love of poetry and songs, Deng Chaoyu is also an enthusiastic public welfare people, actively advocating and participating in various charitable charity activities. She often goes to the nursing homes and welfare homes to see the elderly, and personally supports two mentally handicapped children in the Beijing Hope House. Over a long period of time, she has visited dozens of nursing homes  and welfare homes in the country in succession. When she went to the orphanage to visit children, she also made a guest role as a music teacher to teach the children to sing and dance. After the earthquake in Wenchuan and Yushu, she donated money and materials for the first time and went to the frontline of the earthquake relief work as a volunteer. In 2015, it launched a series of public welfare activities of “giving music for the people”, set up a “Chaoyu’s love fund”, held two large private charity concerts successively, and collected 13.52 million yuan of charity, which caused a great sensation in the society. In 2017, Deng also launched a series of large-scale public welfare activities to care for left-behind children and empty nesters, jointly launched by the Wuzhou media, the Education and Development Center of China’s working Committee for the next Generation, and the China Consumer Protection Foundation. Deng Chaoyu will be the emissary of love and sing the public image song “Home”, and will hold a national launching ceremony for public welfare activities.

Thousands of years of Chinese culture has moved towards the world, and the extensive and profound Chinese culture has increasingly influenced the world. Deng Chaoyu gave gentle folk songs and romantic poetry culture and art to the world stage, gave the people of the world the enjoyment of the beauty of Chinese culture, and explained the rich and colorful artistic years of the goddess, Chaoyu. I believe that with the passage of time, the seeds of Chinese civilization will take root in the hearts of people all over the world in various artistic forms through emissaries like Deng Chaoyu, and will contribute to the stimulation and agglomeration of national spirit and the enhancement of cultural self-confidence.

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