Book Release: Palpable Passion Now on Sale

Discovering Fresh Passion by which to Live and Succeed

March 24, 2018 – Tom Corbett is thrilled to announce the release of his 2nd fictional work, “Palpable Passions”. This book reveals the simple and nuanced meanings of life’s challenges through the passions each of us brings to our own story. This accomplished author, who has written a number of books spanning several genres, teaches the importance of breathing and living the virtues of courage, love, kindness, forgiveness and compassion. The story in Palpable Passions suggests answers to how courage and steadfastness can overcome the impediments we find in our lives, and how unexpected opportunities reveal new venues for one’s heart to explore. Moreover, the author has written this book as a guiding manual for readers inspired to live a life of authentic victory in the here and now by using practical real-life virtues such as passion and persistence.

The story line is about two families, one born to privilege in America and the other struggling under the oppressive Taliban regime in Kabul. Each confronts the demons and challenges of their separate worlds. Circumstances and serendipity bring the two together in the Panjshir Valley of northern Afghanistan just as Osama Bin Laden strikes New York and Washington. Their unanticipated connection offers each an opportunity to discover renewed hope. From black despair, each finds a path toward achieving personal passions that they can literally feel, passions they had once thought were beyond their grasp.

“Palpable Passions” creates a compelling story which has enjoyed great accolades from various readers. “Corbett is a very gifted storyteller, one that should be picked up by Hollywood. Here, he weaves two distinct themes into a compelling narrative with humor, drama, and singular insight. Read it. Enjoy it. Share it with friends!” says Peter S. Adler, Author of India-40 and the Circle of Demons while expressing his delight in this work.

“The book feels…like a screenplay; its dialogue is abundant and punchy, its landscapes well defined, and its characters have significant bonds. Palpable Passions uses bright, earnest characters to show that a microcosm can be as complicated as the big picture,” states the first review of the book. According to Blue Ink review, “Palpable Passions delivers a compelling story arc infused with historical fact that should appeal to reader.”

About The Author:

Tom Corbett is an Emeritus Senior Scientist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He holds a Doctorate in Social Welfare and both has taught social policy at the University and has consulted on policy issues at all levels of government. His most recent books include Tenuous Tendrils; The Boat Captain’s Conundrum; Ouch, Now I Remember; Browsing Through My Candy Store; and The Other Side of the World. Now retired, the author lives with his wife of 46 years, Mary Rider, and their Shih Tzu dog Rascal, in Madison Wisconsin.

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