EasyHomes Offers Inexpensive Home Ownership Around the United States with Minimal Down Payments

Home Ownership for $2000 Down with Minimal Down Payments, No Banks, No Credit Checks and A Low Monthly Payment

Clearwater, FL – March 24, 2018 – Many families in America find it almost impossible to buy their own home. They are stuck in world where bank regulations are too strict and homes are too expensive. With the average minimum wage in America being around $8.50 p/h, many American families would only be qualified for a payment of about $400 per month this can be impossible to find, but luckily EasyHomes offers home ownership to this income bracket via owner financing.

EasyHomes offers home ownership opportunities with no credit needed, no pets restrictions, no maximum occupancy, and short or unique employment is also allowed. No banks are involved with getting one of these properties acquired either, so that means less hoops to jump through. Monthly payments are less than local rent and the down payment is only $2000.

With no credit checks or balloon payments, it is easy for home owners to get their properties without struggling with mortgage companies or banks. In fact, a family could move into a home less than a week following a first viewing.

The properties are cheaper as they are previously foreclosed and may require extra maintenance and repairs. These properties can potentially go up in value when a home owner fixes up the place. Also, these homes are often made with two to three bedrooms and one or two bathrooms. These should be good enough for ensuring anyone can find a property worth living in without being overly tough to work with.

The homes available go for $2,000 down. The monthly payments vary based on what one finds, but the costs are exceptionally affordable.

People of all employment levels can qualify to get homes through EasyHomes. These include people who are self-employed and or have been employed at their current company for only a short while.

A person will need to have verifiable income that is at least three times the value of the monthly payments required here. But at the same time, the monthly payments are cheap enough to where it should not be hard for people to be able to afford to get into these homes.

People looking for additional information on what EasyHomes has to offer for home ownership can visit the EasyHomes website at calleasyhomes.com to learn more. The site has full information on the properties available as well as photos of the homes.

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