Healthee Kitchen is Bringing Healthy Food Home

An entire day of meals delivered to meet specific caloric goals of Ontario customers

Anyone who has ever used a calorie counting app knows the struggle of eating the right thing for your efforts. Your maximum number of calories should be this except you burned that number of calories so now it should be this. But how do you get to the sweet spot of eating enough but being able to splurge a little because you hit the gym? What if all you did was lay around in bed? What are micronutrients and what do they do? The struggle to eat healthily is hard because there is so much information from so many sources. You have to get it all together, take what works and put it to use.

Healthee Kitchen ( does that work for you. Forget sitting at home and planning a meal that you will probably not make because of the exhaustion of planning it. Stop wasting your time at the grocery store trying to figure out what kind of vinegar the recipe is asking for. When you have the opportunity to eat, you should be able to eat. So much snacking happens because we are bored or tired, but also because thinking about what to eat while you are hungry makes you want to snack.

Get out of your head and get some good nutrition into your body. If you have a sedentary lifestyle that you are not in a big hurry to change, no problem. There is a meal plan for that. Lightly active? Very active? You can receive three meals and two snacks to your door every day to help you keep the scale and your favourite outfit happy. Does this seem too good to be true? It does, but it is. How does it work?

Healthee Kitchen asks for a little information such as your height, your weight, and how much you want to lose if any. The options for calorie intake depending on your level of activity. You choose if you want a one- or two- week plan and you can even have a daily plan. You make your choices, the Healthee Kitchen chefs prepare your food and it shows up at your door. Regardless of what subscription you choose, it is made fresh daily.

People want to feel good about their bodies and they want their doctors to not nag them about their weight. Walking into a grocery store with all of the junk food sparkling on the shelves and the produce hiding in a corner is damaging. Walking out with or without something you crave can cause feelings of guilt or dissatisfaction. Getting what you need without having to test yourself is giving yourself a little grace.

About Healthee Kitchen

Healthee Kitchen is on a mission to make Canada a healthier nation. By taking the math out of the equation, they are making healthy foods easier to understand. Chefs and nutritionists have already done the hard part so that you can practice some self-love. Give yourself a break and save those little grey cells for relaxing. Contact us today for a better tomorrow.

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