Aegeus coin soon to integrate zero-coin technology and IPFS data storage which will provide high-level blockchain security and privacy to users

Aegeus is the newly launched Bitcoin-based cryptocurrency that is here to overcome three main issues concerning big data: Centralization, Cost & Efficiency. It will soon be integrating the highly vetted protocol called Zerocoin which will provide high-level blockchain security by providing blockchain transaction anonymity and unlinkability to its users. This technology allows the users to mask their account balances to avoid being targeted by potential attackers. Aegeus is one of the few cryptocurrencies to use this technology as most of the others support full transparency.

Zerocoin also provides true or full privacy to Aegeus users. This protocol converts publicly viewable AEG coin into anonymous zAEG which appears as public AEG with no history of the sender in another wallet. This is the biggest advantage that Aegeus has over a number of its counterparts as it enables the users to experience true anonymity with zAEG (zerocoin). Apart from offering low transaction fees, Aegeus will provide the Zerocoin feature as an optional transaction addition to its users in case they want complete blockchain anonymity and privacy.

Aegeus coin is based on PIVX, which draws its inspiration from Dash, a project that has solved several problems in Bitcoin by speeding up the transactions, offering unmatched privacy solutions accompanied by decentralized governance and funding system. Aegeus uses the latest PoS (Proof of Stake) version 3.0 which means the users must keep their wallets open at all the times which results in more constantly available nodes that ultimately strengthens the network.

Since Aegeus is based on a decentralized and distributed environment, it provides more security and privacy to data. It also manages to reduce the cost of data management and storage by up to 80% through the application of P2P distributed networks. This allows data owners and distributors to rejoice as they can manage and store bigger data volumes at a small cost. The P2P approach retrieves data from several sources at the same time which makes it possible to distribute high volumes of data with increased efficiency and no duplications. Overall, Aegeus will make all operations become more fluid, timely and faster.

Being a PoS (Proof of Stake) cryptocurrency, Aegeus allows its users to earn 14% per annum AEG coin as a reward for participating and supporting the network. Aegeus will also enable wallet users to securely communicate among themselves in a private platform with AEG messaging, a feature that is to be launched later this year.

Aegeus strives to establish itself as a next-generation sustainable cryptocurrency. Just like other cryptocurrencies it is not owned or governed by a single person or organization and its network is secured by a network of nodes spread across the globe. It can be easily transferred without any transaction fees. More information about Aegeus and to view their whitepaper can be found at

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