ICO Marketing: crypto-businesses get media coverage in exchange for tokens

GoodNoon, a company focusing on media coverage and marketing for ICO and crypto businesses, is offering to ICO’s PR service in exchange for tokens.

GoodNoon, a company focusing on media coverage and marketing for ICO and crypto businesses, is offering to ICO’s PR service in exchange for tokens.

New ICOs are launched daily, making marketing and promoting efforts a key factor for success in the virtual coin world. This highly competitive arena pushes ICOs of all size to be properly promoted in order to achieve higher rates of success. Being one step ahead of your competitors in terms of products and marketing efforts, given the controversial aspects that surround cryptocurrencies, is mandatory.

That is why GoodNoon, in order to give added visibility to their Facebook page, is offering media coverage for tokens. The terms of the promo are fairly easy: send the company a message through their Facebook page telling them about your ICO. The first 10 ICOs that will contact them with a project that would be good for collaboration will receive $1,499 worth of PR coverage in exchange for tokens.


ICO – What is it?

Simply put, ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering. These “coin offerings” are released when companies dealing with novelties in the area offer new cryptocurrencies in exchange for well-known ones: Ethereum, Bitcoin or others. Since the very beginning, new virtual currencies have improved their financing in this fashion and it seems to be quite an effective strategy. However, you have to create some demand for the new virtual currency and to stir up the waters a bit. This is why marketing and advertising efforts are worth your attention.

Ethereum created a smart contract system, which made it one of the most popular virtual currencies currently, for instance. This contract system promotes negotiation and reaching an agreement through blockchain technology.

ICOs – How do they work?

Initial Coin Offerings usually work similarly to crowdfunding campaigns. They are one of the most facile ways to find financing for various projects or start-ups and also offer various investors the opportunity to invest in those projects or business ideas in which they truly believe.

Initial Coin Offerings take place over a limited period, leading to the necessity of creating a well-established timeframe for marketing and advertising efforts. During that period, the large audience has the opportunity to swap their consecrated cryptocurrencies for the novelties in the industry – this way, they invest in a new, potentially more profitable product. In almost all cases, the supply of new tokens is a limited, static one. This means that the fund cannot be supplemented at any given time. However, in certain cases, there is what experts call a “dynamic supply,” which means that the value of the tokens is static, while the supply can grow depending on the demand.

Are marketing efforts worth it when it comes to ICOs?

We previously emphasized the importance of a well-developed marketing campaign for all ICOs. Given the competition and the variety of currencies that are continually emerging in the virtual space, making your own cryptocurrency known and notorious is very important. This segment is unregulated, which makes consumers and investors potential prey to scammers and fraud. This increases the reluctance rate amongst potential investors when it comes to new cryptocurrencies, which might prevent yours from growing and becoming profitable. So, marketing done right will help your ICO incredibly. Below are some simple ways to increase your credibility BEFORE implementing your ICO marketing campaign.

These are only two tips that may boost your marketing efforts, but for more tangible results, make sure to consider the following marketing and advertising strategies for guaranteed success. Analyze the options below and make sure to pick a variety of approaches for increased success.

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