NO7ORIOUS smart backpack with customizable skins receives a good response on Kickstarter

NO7ORIOUS is the newly launched innovative, smart backpack for both men and women, that has received a good response from its Kickstarter fundraiser. Backers all over the world have pledged over $3400 out of $19,761 goal to support and pre-order the backpack at an early bird and discounted price. The owners of this project are expecting more backers to contribute to the campaign as it’ll be only funded if it reaches the assigned goal till April 26, 2108.

NO7ORIOUS is a smart backpack which also comes with an incredible skin customization feature that allows the user to match the backpack’s style with their outfit and mood. It’s a compact sized bag that is specially designed to carry the essential accessories such as a laptop, mobile phone, iPad, Headphones etc. It is big enough to fit Macbook 15 pro and other small accessories that are needed for work and supporting the innovative ideas on the go. This backpack is designed to be as less bulky as possible for the tech enthusiasts, freelancers and anyone who carries around their work.

Just like changing clothes every day, NO7ORIOUS gives its users the freedom to have a new style in their backpack every day. The users can find various packages with colorful skins that can be swapped and combined to create various styles.

The combo packs come with 6 different skin styles while the user can also choose among the basic pack with three different skin styles. Apart from customizable skins, NO7ORIOUS comes with several other features such as thick skin made of Polyester 1680D/PU leather with a 5mm foam layer to form a protective layer for all the gadgets. The external layer is double coated to keep the backpack splash proof.

Unlike the regular smart backpacks that feature a single USB port, NO7ORIOUS comes with two USB doors so the user never runs out of battery again. Each model of the NO7ORIOUS backpack is available with 20.000 mAh battery or 10.000 mAh battery. On the top, instead of a leather handle, the backpack features a sleek and stylish aluminum stick handle, which is specially shaped to keep the interchangeable skins tight and solid to the body. If the backpack manages to meet its stretch goal, it will also provide changeable aluminum handles to the backers who ordered the combo pack, as a free add-on.

The waterproof magnetic plug in the bottom of the backpack allows the user to recharge it like a Macbook. Additionally, the memory foam in the back straps makes the backpack comfortable to be worn all day long without putting too much pressure on the back or shoulders.

More information about the NO7ORIOUS backpack can be found at on their Kickstarter page.

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