Positive Counseling Services in Tulsa: Removing the Negative Stigma from Therapy

New positive counseling services in Tulsa, provided by Cleary Counseling and Consultation aim to help people discover their strengths. Offering a wide range of options in therapy for women, Jackie Cleary welcomes everyone who needs support.

jackie clearlyJackie Cleary has been providing a variety of counseling services in Tulsa and other places for nearly 30 years. Now she has launched Cleary Counseling and Consultation, a service that specializes in counseling for women. Unlike other therapists, Jackie uses a unique approach focused on making the patient feel most comfortable and learning to see and value their own strengths. Instead of making her work pathology-centered, this women’s therapist Tulsa is proud to have, teaches her clients to have a more positive outlook on the world.

Ms. Cleary is also dedicated to removing the negative stereotypes associated with therapy. In her address to prospective clients posted on the landing page of the website http://clearycounseling.com she says:

“When people feel embarrassed about a service, they are also more likely to be reluctant to seek help.”

A part of her aim is to remove that stigma and make people more open-minded toward this service. This way, she hopes that everyone in need of the help from a depression or marriage therapist can get the help they need without any shame or embarrassment.

What Counseling Services Are Offered by Cleary Counseling and Consultation?

Cleary Counseling and Consultation specialties include:

  • Women’s Issues.
    The service offers all types of therapy for women with a unique personalized plan developed for every client.
  • Chronic Pain.
    Cleary Counseling teaches biofeedback that helps patients manage chronic pain, stress, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and anxiety.
  • Depression and anxiety.
    The depression therapist will help one to not only resolve the issues that cause the condition and assign proper medications. The Positive Psychology approach practiced by Ms. Cleary will help prevent these problems in the future.
  • Life Transitions.
    Cleary Counseling and Consultation offers both individual and family service that can help people adjust to change and get through difficult transitions smoothly.
  • Public Speaking.
    The counseling service also includes coaching, so clients can learn both how to deal with anxiety of speaking and how to make a better impression on the audience.
  • Life Coaching.
    As an experienced professional specializing in therapy for women, Ms. Cleary can help one not only resolve their issues and treat mental health problems. She can also offer advice for those who feel lost and are looking for a new direction in life.
  • Health/Weight Management Coaching.
    This is another one of Ms. Cleary’s counseling services in Tulsa that helps one learn to love their body and manage it more efficiently.

Cleary Counseling and Consultation offers the services of an experienced mental health counselor and life coach who can help people through any struggle.

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