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San Antonio, Texas – It’s hard to find real reviews in the Internet Marketing world.  Since almost every product or service has an affiliate program, buyers and non-buyers alike are incentivized to make a positive review and optimize it to rank in Google and YouTube.  There are a lot less critical reviews because most entrepreneurs would rather channel their energy and efforts on something that adds to their bottomline; there’s no compelling reason for them to put time into something that won’t sell.

The review problem is on full display with any new product launch.  Disingenuous reviews line the first two pages of Google with 90% positive commentary and one or two weak complaints so as to create the appearance the author is being honest. bucks that trend with authentic feedback on IM products and services.  The blogger behind the blog, Kris Rivenburgh, says that was part of the reason he started the site.

“I knew reviews were going to comprise a big part of the site because wading through the fake Click Bank style reviews was a definite pain point for me.”

Beyond reviews, Business Get Rich breaks down Shark Tank pitches, profiles online entrepreneurs, deconstructs business deals, and occasionally delves into NBA contracts.  There aren’t any set rules for the posts and Rivenburgh prefers it this way.

“I love talking about business but I don’t like restraints so I just write whatever I feel like writing.  A lot of times I write about online marketing but sometimes I don’t and it doesn’t matter.”

Although social participation for BGR is low, the site is trafficked more than most people might think which prompted the BGR author to write even more.

“I was looking at my Clicky analytics and I was like ‘damn, this site gets a lot of traffic’.  Seeing the growth and realizing the media potential, I’ve made Business Get Rich a priority project.”

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