AICHAIN, The Chain For The Future – The AI Ecosystem On Blockchain

AICHAIN, China’s largest blockchain project about artificial intelligence, has been a hit with investors nowadays. As the leading blockchain project in China, its unique research logic attracts people the most.

AICHAIN, China’s largest blockchain project about artificial intelligence, has been a hit with investors nowadays. As the leading blockchain project in China, its unique research logic attracts people the most.

In 2017, the AICHAIN team started to combine artificial intelligence with blockchain in a dedicated effort to achieve the breakthrough in blockchain industry.

The basic concept was first finished in June 2017. Its main purpose is to provide an open-source independent public chain platform for data owners, application developers, operation platforms and consumers so everyone can use AI with low cost and no technical barriers. The AICHAIN inherits the advantages of blockchain technology, such as decentralization, open source, tamper-proof and anonymous, and it solves the current challenges of AI such as data domination.

AICHAIN has gathered over 100,000 supporters in more than 6 countries within only 3 months. More and more people are paying attention to the progress of AICHAIN, which could change the existing situation in blockchain and artificial intelligence industry.

The vision of AICHAIN is to create a platform that can facilitate the communication, cooperation and data sharing among partic-ipants by enabling data transaction, protecting data security and disrupting data concentration. So it could improve the efficiency and productivity of the AI industry and allow everybody, not just the tech giants, to gain the most out of the digitalization era.

Since AICHAIN started, the project has been reported by more than fifty news media platforms, including the most influential television broadcast company — CCTV Security, and the most famous Internet company in China- SOHU Finance.

AICHAIN has converted blockchain technology into useful applications since it was established. Changhong Electric, one of China’s largest electric production companies, has cooperated with AICHAIN in artificial intelligence industry.  Badou Cat, China’s first AI headhunter company,has signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement with AICHAIN.

Easy Live, the leading live-streaming company in China, has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with AICHIAN. More than 20,000,000 users on Easy Live will witness the transfer of AIT.  (AIT is a decentralized blockchain digital asset that is issued through AICHAIN and served as a medium of exchange on the AICHAIN platform.)

The AICHAIN project has obtained angel investments from the largest blockchain companies in China, like Bitmain and Viking Capital.  Bitmain owns the supercomputing mining machine that is the largest blockchain computing enterprise in China. The company also signed a deep investment agreement with AICHAIN, thinking highly the value of combining blockchain with AI.

AICHAIN team includes famous scientists in artificial intelligence, ambitious entrepreneurs from China’s largest blockchain computing enterprise, renowned scholars from UCLA and Tsinghua University, and experts in marketing. AICHAIN has established bases in China and America, and both two teams are working together in research and marketing.

With the Chinese State Council embracing blockchain in its 13th Five-Year Plan, Chinese policymakers are eager to set the framework and standards that accelerates industry adoption of blockchain technology. Now AICHAIN is dedicating effort to the creativity of Chinese technology.

AICHAIN has prepared the most innovative and creative ideas about AI ecosystem on blockchain. The international roadshow of AICHAIN, Chain for the future—the AI ecosystem on blockchain took place in Silicon Valley on March 21st. The roadshow was hosted by Stephen, and AICHAIN CEO Mr.Duan Kai made a deep introduction of AICHAIN and answered the questions on technology, and the guests also made speeches related their research fields.

AICHAIN’s special advisor Dr. Chen Jianwen was giving a speech

As a special advisor of AICHAIN, Dr. Chen Jianwen has been providing strategic support for the application of AICHAIN. He introduced AICHAIN ​​project, AICHAIN ​​vision, and AICHAIN ​​ecological chain to the audience based on the theme “AICHAIN ​​will establish a new business structure in the future”.

AICHAIN CEO Mr.Duan Kai was giving a speech

In the speech, Mr.Duan Kai gave a detailed introduction on AICHAIN’s founding background and team structure.  He also explained the audience’s queries related to the AICHAIN technology and development.

As a senior advisor of AICHAIN, Ms. Brittany Kaiser shared her views on AICHAIN’s investment value and potential based on the topic “AICHAIN’s subversive opportunities and investment logic”.

AICHAIN Information Technology Officer Gabriel Nones Newman was giving a presentation

Not long ago, Gabriel Nones Newman had just joined the AICHAIN ​​team as Information Technology Officer. He brought a wonderful speech, which based on “how to integrate blockchain and AI applications perfectly”. He also gave a deep introduction on the AICHAIN ​​system architecture design, the key points of AICHAIN ​​technology, the lyra2DC algorithm, the implementation of database services, access to resource use rights, and development roadmap.

As another senior advisor of AICHAIN, Susan Oh also gave a speech based on “The value and potential of AICHAIN’s transformation.”

The roadshow was finished with a huge success. The team not only showed AICHAIN and blockchain + AI to the U.S. users and investors, but also established AICHAIN’s brand position in the U.S. market.

In the future, AICHAIN, which has an international perspective, will continue to expand the scope of the global roadshows.  Its influence in global users and investors is also increasing with the globalization pace.

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