Creative Biolabs Released a Brand New Vaccine Design Service

Creative Biolabs, a leading service provider that focuses on all kinds of Vaccine Technology, recently released a brand new Vaccine Design service that covers Pathogen-Based Vaccine and Target-Based Vaccine to meet specific requirements for every global client.

Vaccines have been used to fight against infectious diseases for a long time. Most currently available vaccines were empirically designed while immune evasion by pathogens often contributes to the difficulty in vaccine development. Owing to the revolutionary changes in the development of vaccine design strategy, scientists in Creative Biolabs make great progress in inducing protective immunity against selected pathogens.

“As for Pathogen-Based Vaccines, Bacterial Vaccines contain attenuated or killed bacteria that activate the immune system and Viral Vaccines contain either attenuated (alive but cannot cause disease) viruses or inactivated viruses. In addition, A therapeutic Cancer Vaccine can stimulate specific immunity against tumor issues while sparing normal ones, which lead to not only tumor lysis but also a long-lasting, systemic immunological memory that protects against tumor recur and metastasis,” said Dr. Monika Müller, Scientific Officer of Creative Biolabs.

“Apart from vaccine design service, we also offer a wide range of vaccine assessment tests for each batch of vaccines to ensure that a safe and effective administration to produce protective immunity. For instance, immunization-challenge tests are conducted to evaluate immunological specificity, immune activity and the potential for immune toxicity.”

Creative Biolabs provides customers with a series of specialized vaccine services, including Vaccine Target Validation, Monoclonal Antibody Vaccines, Cell Based Vaccines and more. In terms of abundant experience, Creative Biolabs is proud to help clients reduce the cost of failure and enhance the chance of clinical success.

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