Fifty2One Offers Client-Tailored Digital Marketing Service

Widely popular for its top-class digital marketing and development services, Fifty2One is the fast-growing digital marketing agency that has gained and maintained 40+ clients during its first year of service. The team of Fifty2One has achieved this not only by providing professional digital marketing and development services to its customers but also by making sure that their customers are well taken care of and are satisfied with the services.

The main man behind the success of Fifty2One, Darren Hargreaves – the founder of the company – firmly believes in the fact that no company can progress until and unless its customers are a 100% satisfied and well communicated. “Without clear lines of communication, we can’t get a real understanding of the results being achieved. Only through constant re-evaluation and adjustments can we ensure real results are being generated for our customers.” – Darren Hargreaves.

Fifty2One offers a range of services including; SEO, Google AdWords, Social Media, Web Design and other PR marketing strategies. The team comprehensively discusses the details of the service with each and every customer and they make sure they are on the same page as their customer from the start till the end. The team members also tailor the services according to the current requirements of their client, this ensures that the service objective is efficiently achieved.

Darren Hargreaves has more than 2 decades of online marketing experience. He has personally served hundreds of customers during his career. His extensive experience has taught him the importance of tailored services and open communication between the clients and the service agency. During his days of service, he always tried to bridge the gap between the service agency and its customers, so that they could work hand in hand and achieve goals more efficiently.

With Fifty2One, Darren wants to prove the fact that high customer retention is absolutely possible when a company delivers top-class results and maintains a high level of customer satisfaction. To maintain the quality of both the services and the customer care, Fifty2One follows a strict policy of dealing with only 50 customers at a time. Darren has complete faith in his team that together with his team of highly dedicated professionals, Fifty2One will soon become a digital marketing agency that offers Client-Tailored Digital Marketing & Development Services, and has the highest customer retention rate.


Fifty2One was founded by Darren Hargreaves in 2016. Fifty2One has by now offered professional Digital Marketing and Development services to 40+ companies, including UK Carline – the 3rd largest car leasing company in the UK, Chemist-4-U – one of the largest online pharmacies and many other leading online companies.

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