Visually stunning with graceful ballerina performances, ‘THE BOLSHOI’ conveys ballet’s ongoing legacy and message of peace and harmony, uniting U.S. and Russia to transcend short-term strife. Filmfest DC will take place from April 19 – 29, 2018.

Los Angeles, CA – March 27, 2017 –

‘THE BOLSHOI’ dances for competition at Filmfest DC April 2018.

TriCoast Entertainment is thrilled to announce that Valery Todorovsky’s (‘Hipsters’, ‘Ottepel’, TV series ‘The Thaw’) Russian and coming-of-age, ballet film, ‘THE BOLSHOI’, will compete at the 32nd Annual Washington, DC International Film Festival – ‘Filmfest DC’ – this April 2018.  

From Producers Valery Todorovsky Production Company and Marmot Film Studio, ‘THE BOLSHOI’ tells the tale of a young, provincial ballerina, Yulia Olshanskaya (Margarita Simonova, Polish National Ballet coryphée), who escapes to Moscow to fulfill her dream of dancing on Russia’s renowned and most competitive stage, at the Bolshoi Theatre. Her emotional rollercoaster to reach her dream of the national dedication to ballet is filled with great passion, hard work, and drive, but, to rise to her full potential as a Bolshoi ballerina, Yulia must give up what she holds most dear – friendships, family, and even her first love.

‘THE BOLSHOI’ was successfully negotiated in U.S. by the Central Partner Sales House, the official international distributor of the film, in collaboration with TriCoast Entertainment, CEOs, Strathford Hamilton and Marcy Levitas Hamilton.

‘THE BOLSHOI’ is a film about “friendship, competition, dreams, beauty, professionalism and ballet. ‘THE BOLSHOI’ is a majestic treasure for the big screen scored by none other than Tchaikovsky,” wrote Russian Resurrection.

Photo: Dance Network TV.

In April, Washington, DC will host their annual 11-day film festival, Filmfest DC, which will host 80 films from 54 countries. ‘THE BOLSHOI’ is honored to for its selection in the category of “Global Rhythms”, music series that continue to be festival staples.

“For over 30 years, Filmfest DC has sought to keep pace with global, cultural, and social activities. Today we find ourselves in a conundrum of opposing beliefs and shifting governmental policies, which have often divided citizens in a forged culture of ‘us vs. them. As a reflection of our times, this year’s festival has taken on a special focus on issues ripped from today’s headlines in hopes of increasing clarity and civil discourse” (FilmFest DC).

The film’s stunning cinematography, precise choreography, and authentic acting and dancing checks every box for a “festival favorite”, but deeply, ‘THE BOLSHOI’ depicts ballet’s universal message of world peace, freedom, and harmony, even between the two conflicted countries of the U.S. and Russia, both experiencing the collapse of the Soviet Union and Cold War in 1993.

Simultaneously, the Moscow Ballet began to evolve out of the International Glasnost Festival Tours, though it remained extremely popular in America. Ballet was one of the first steps towards reconciliation – no longer ‘us vs. them’ – but rather, a turning point in history as the cultures from East and West were able to experience one another, inspiring hope for an optimistic future despite the turbulent politics of the era.

Over 25 years later, ballet continues to act as the “glue” holding countries together. Filmfest DC’s mission and hopes for films to “increase clarity and civil discourse”, ‘THE BOLSHOI’ embodies a beautiful collaboration between two countries, allowing U.S. audiences to experience Yulia’s rollercoaster of a journey to perform in the prestigious and beautiful Bolshoi Theatre. 

Filmed at the Bolshoi Theatre, the experience of ‘THE BOLSHOI’ becomes captivating and real due to the film’s cast of real dancers – Yulia’s character, Margarita Simonova, a Polish National Ballet coryphée, Andrei Sorokin, an Ekaterinberg Ballet principal, and Nicholas LeRiche, former Paris Opéra Ballet étoile.

With financial support from Cinema Fund and Television Channel RUSSIA One, ‘THE BOLSHOI’ has been a box office success since its premiere in Russia and Baltic States, accumulating over one million admissions from both these territories. As well, ‘THE BOLSHOI’ had a limited theatrical release in Germany, Austria, Israel, and will be later released theatrically in Poland, Japan, and Spain.

Todorovsky’s “BOLSHOI” has been raved about since its release in Russia during May 2017. Screen-Space raved, “Moving and entertaining. ‘THE BOLSHOI’ is a majestic treasure that succeeds on the big screen. In its portrayal of young lives chasing the dreams a ballet academy offers, it exhibits an empathy that is lacking in many films of today. It allows the audience to feel a part of the academy, just as it does for the dancers in the film. Valery Todorovsky has a knack for separating the significant moments in the lives of his characters when growth, obstacles and talent are all juxtaposted,” wrote Nicholas Makymow.

With the screenplay written by Anastasia Palchikova on the motives of the adapted synopsis by Ilya Tilkin and Valery Todorovsky, ‘THE BOLSHOI’ stars real-life dancers, including Ekaterinberg Ballet principal, Andrei Sorokin, and former Paris Opéra Ballet étoile, Nicholas LeRiche. In addition stars Anna Isaeva (Swan Lake, Arabian Nights), Alisa Freyndlikh, Aleksandr Domogarov (musical: Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde), and Valentina Telishkina.

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The 32nd Annual Washington, DC International Film Festival – ‘Filmfest DC’ – will take place from April 19 – 29, 2018.  In the festival’s category of “Global Rhythms”, music series that continue to be festival staples, ‘THE BOLSHOI’ (Russia) will compete against three other films: ‘Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami’ (UK, Ireland), ‘How They Got Over’ (USA), and ‘Mama Africa: Miriam Makeba’ (Germany, South Africa, Finland).

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THE BOLSHOI (2017, 132 min.) Directed by Valery Todorovsky. Editor: Aleksey Bobrov. Cinematography: Sergey Mikhalchuk. Original Music: Anna Drubich and Pavel Karmanov. US, English. Valery Todorovsky Production Company and Marmot Film Studio, TriCoast Entertainment.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Valery Todorovsky Production Company and Marmot Film Studio

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