27th March, 2018 – Warm-belly wetsuits is pleased to announce to all it’s clients and also incoming clients that they are now under a new ownership.

With Chris Stutter as the new owner, Warm belly Wetsuits has come back bigger and better. Do you have a child that loves swimming yet starts to freeze after few minutes? Or do you just want to give someone a perfect baby shower gift? Then this wetsuit is exactly what you need.

They make use of top-notch quality and their wetsuit works by warming up water that is trapped between the body and the inside of the suit.

The principle behind their wetsuit is that the less water that flows in and out of the suit, the warmer your child stays.

As your kids get more active in water, the more protection they need, Warm Belly Wetsuits are made of comfortable adjustable Neoprene specially designed in seven sizes for ages 6 months to 12 years old.

They are ideal for any child that is about to start taking swimming lessons, it can be used at the pool, lake, river, beach, anywhere that kids delve into the water.

Allow your kid enjoy the water more with a warm-belly wetsuit and let their bright smile bring you pleasure.


  • NEOPRENE WETSUITS: It is made of neoprene, a soft synthetic thin rubber-like seal material that sticks to the body, thereby providing a secure hold, this gives a flexible and solid barrier to help your child stay waterproof when they go on a swim.
  • UNIQUENESS: Their distinctive sleeveless design allows for full arm motion, a feature that kids of all ages absolutely love.
  • MULTI-USE WETSUIT: The Kids wetsuit are designed for all water sports like diving, scuba, paddle boarding, surfing, kayaking, or hanging at the beach.
  • FOR ALL AGE SIZES: It is stretchy and it comes in different shapes with respect to your kid’s age. This is to aid the best fit for your kid’s speedy growth.
  • PROTECTION: Helps to safeguard kids from UV rays, mosquitoes, sea lice, jelly stings, and any other irritants.





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