Blow Up the Phone Spices Up April Fools’ Day with Prank Calls

Hamburg, NY – Blow Up the Phone is spicing up April Fools’ Day with prank calls to users’ friends.

Designed by developer Jason Brown, Blow Up the Phone is an online service users can access to prank friends by sending hundreds of text messages or phone calls from different, anonymous phone numbers.  “I personally love April Fools’,” Brown says.  “My friends and I are always looking for interesting and exciting ways to prank each other and I think Blow Up the Phone is the ultimate service to use.”

Blow Up the Phone is designed to be a fun and unique way to send prank calls on April Fools’, or any other occasion.  “Pranks for April Fools’ are meant to be fun and lighthearted,” Brown says.  “Curse words are not allowed and will be censored.  We truly want this to be a friendly and fun service.”

To use Blow Up the Phone and send prank calls, users visit their website and enter the phone number of the phone they want to prank.  Once they have done so, users can send up to 100 text messages with a funny, preset message, or they can write their own 160 character custom message.  Alternatively, users can call their friends from 100 different phone lines, at a pre-determined frequency.  “All pranks for April Fools’ will ring for 3 rings and then disconnect,” Brown states.  “There are never any conversations on our end.”

While Blow Up the Phone is completely anonymous, recipients of the April Fools’ prank will be able to block themselves from being pranked in the future.  “We certainly don’t want people to be sending hundreds of messages to one person,” Brown says.  “We also do this to comply with FCC-opt-out regulations on text messaging and robo-calls.”

To use the service, users will have to pay a flat rate fee of $0.03 per SMS or call, plus a $0.50 processing fee.  The highest amount a user would have to pay to make a prank call would be $3.50 per prank.

For more information about Blow Up the Phone, please visit their website at, or visit their FAQ page.

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