UK justifies in sequence the best option for 3 seriously ill children is death, prior to trying additional options

First Charlie Gard, then Baby Isaiah Haarstrup, and now Baby Alfie Evans (currently facing the same fate as the previous 2 infants) have had the odds stacked up against them being patients of a subsidized medical facility in the UK.
Essentially upon being admitted, parents, and what seems to be a strong opposing general public, are being repeatedly refused an appropriate say in how and in what way healthcare should be administered to their loved ones.
In each case, the todlers have had willing parents who went and continue to go through great lengths to find additional options for the well being of their child. In the case of Charlie Gard over $1 million dollars was raised to cover all necessary expenses for his safe travel to enable his rare disorder to be researched and managed by additional (perhaps more inlclinded) physicians. 
This is a clear indication that the parents… not the UK government..had the child’s best interests at heart…as it was not that Hosptial or the government that exhausted themselves to have the resources to relieve that child… It was the parents. But their efforts were not respected. Charlie’s Gard and the other 2 infants have had yet to be allowed to leave their home country under any circumstances.
For the judges to rule that Charlie Card’s parents did not have the best interest of their son at heart seemed quit inaccurate.  The same went for Baby Isaiah’s parents and concurrently applies now to Baby Alfie’s parents who have recruited over a quarter of a million supporters on facebook and in petition signatures advocating for the life of their son, Baby Alfie Evans: see #AlfiesArmy.
Permiting basic alternative options to try to extend little Alfie’s Life are actually more cost effective and more accommodating for both the hospital and the parents:ie, removing him from the life support (freeing up a Hosptial bed for another sick child) and administering a Tracheotomy. But Adler Hey Hosptial refuses to administer one.
Little Alfie’s next attempt at permission to remain on his life support machine is being considered by the highest legal courts in Europe and a decision will be made soon as to whether he will live or join Charlie Gard and Isaiah Haarstrup.
Written by:
Jacinta Robin

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