Downtown Calgary Dental Practice Now Offers Digital Smile Design

Calgary, Alberta There is never a second chance at making a first impression, and no matter how much money one might have, a winning smile is always priceless. Not only does a smile cost nothing, it is able to open up doors to new relationships, friendships, and simply brighten somebody else’s day. For those who have felt awkward because their pearly whites are not perfectly arranged neat and single file, there are always cosmetic dental procedures to fall back upon. Ambiance Dental with Dr. Rose Nagra at the helm is here to assist anyone who would like to project a confident figure through their smiles, with Digital Smile Design being one of the latest procedures they offer, apart from the various services touted on the clinic’s website.

Ambiance Dental continues to break new ground by offering Digital Smile Design to patients who reside in and around the Calgary area. Through modern advancements in dental technology and science, Ambiance Dental is now able to provide patients with a whole new smile. As can be viewed on the clinic’s website, Digital Smile Design involves recording measurements and performing an analysis of the patient’s facial and dental features, digitally creating a new smile, then even creating a physical mock-up that a patient can try on as a “test drive”.  This results in a very positive and emotional experience of creating a new smile that will result in predictable results unlike what has ever been offered before.

Thanks to the patient’s input, Ambiance Dental is able to lay down the right markers for a brand new smile, and upon the patient’s approval, a meticulously detailed plan will also be laid out, accompanied by a scheduled fee structure so that there will be no bill shocks at the end of it all. Digital Smile Design will mark a new era for patients to be able to create a new smile through the use of proper and approved cosmetic dental procedures, ranging from veneers to dental bonding.

For those who think that undergoing the cosmetic dental procedure of Digital Smile Design is just the thing that they need in order to obtain that boost in confidence, then schedule a consultation with Dr. Rose Nagra.

Her dental office is located at 850 2 St SW #212 Calgary, Alberta T2P 0R8, and the team can also be reached via phone at 403-261-7661.

Alternatively, their digital presence available at provides additional information on the range of services offered, and they can also be reached via email at

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