GrowLegally Announces Legalized Recreational Marijuana Is Coming to Canada Soon

GrowLegally is pleased to announce changes are coming in Canadian laws that will legalize marijuana for recreational use.

Toronto, ON – With a focus on medical marijuana support and assistant for people seeking medical marijuana licenses, as well as those that want to produce and distribute medical marijuana, GrowLegally is excited to announce changes in Canada’s marijuana laws are coming.

The new changes in the law will allow for legalized recreational marijuana to be produced, distributed, and sold through various approved channels. Unlike the current system, one will not require a medical marijuana license to purchase recreational marijuana.

With the upcoming changes in the laws, there is still much work that the federal government and provinces have to do. Initially, recreational marijuana had a targeted date of sometime in July 2018. Yet, this date may be pushed out until sometime later in the summer or fall of this year.

Part of the reason the date for legalized marijuana could be delayed has to do with several different factors and details that are still being finalized. One factor is determining how marijuana will be distributed and sold. The federal government has decided to leave this up to each individual province, with the option to utilize a temporary federal government plan.

Another issue the federal government will need to address is updating various laws including criminal drug offences and impaired driving offences relating to marijuana. Once legalized, the laws have to be modified to exclude legalized marijuana form criminal drug offences. In addition, the wording of impaired driving has to be modified to indicate impairment from marijuana usage, as well as the acceptable legal limit.

Even with these issues still being worked upon, other issues will need to be addressed relating to how one can become a grower, producer and distributer of recreational marijuana. GrowLegally will be here to help when the time comes. The company has plans in place to assist those seeking to obtain licenses to grow, produce, and distribute recreational marijuana.

In the meantime, GrowLegally wants to remind everyone the only current legalized form of marijuana in Canada is for medical purposes.

For additional information about GrowLegally and the company’s various services and assistance in obtaining a medical marijuana license, please feel free to visit their official website at or find on Google Maps.

About GrowLegally

GrowLegally was founded to provide fully integrated and streamlined consulting for people seeking a medical marijuana license. The company is patient-focused and community-orientated. They are proud sponsors of assisting people find accessible and affordable medical marijuana.

Their clients are never charged for medical assessments to obtain their medical marijuana license.  Their clients benefit from their extensive network of community organizations, licensed growers and producers, and physicians. In addition, GrowLegally can also assist those seeking medical marijuana production and distribution licensing.

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