Centurion Guards Rises Above Competition as Preferred Protective Services Provider

Hoxton, London – Centurion Guards, a London based security services company that provides executive security for individuals and organizations across the United Kingdom and Europe as viewable on their map,https://goo.gl/maps/R8NFGV8LZ5P2, has become a consumer favourite. Their expertise in providing the best in protective details for high net worth individuals, celebrities, royalty for a client’s organization, home and travel gives clients peace of mind when they require protective services.

High end titles or unfortunate circumstances can often cause difficulty in a normal life that includes traveling or merely running errands. Individuals such as business executives, celebrities, professional athletes or entertainers struggle with privacy and being so well known in the public eye can cause unsafe situations to occur. Whether traveling or just trying to go about daily life, well known individuals or individuals of high net worth can be at risk for unsafe situations. Even individuals involved in messier situations like being a court witness or who have dealt with threats can be at risk for encountering dangerous situations or people.

This causes many headaches and frustration for these types of people. No one likes to feel unsafe. It makes for a difficult time enjoying anything if a person is always looking over their shoulder or dealing with the fear of a dangerous individual.

This is when a company such as Centurion Guards could provide assistance. One of the security companies in London, the company employs individuals of ex-military and ex-special forces status as bodyguards for hire. They also can provide guard dogs, elite event security, luxury retail security, and mobile patrols to help individuals feel safer.

http://www.centurionguards.co.uk has provided security guards London for a variety of well-knownindividuals and companies. Places such as The Science Museum, Oak Furnitureland, Selfridges, Premier Inn, Audi, the Wandsworth Council, Oprah Winfrey’s production company Harpo Productions, the Chinese Embassy and numerousother organizations have availed of their services and report highly satisfied results.

Centurion Guards prides themselves on employing individuals who are ready and willing to protect their clients, as well as services to increase an individual’s protection. They make sure to note how many security companies in London will have staff who possess an SIA badge, but are lacking in experience and physical training. Each of Centurion’s security personnel is trained to effectively and efficiently neutralize any threat they encounter.

Individuals and businesses alike have been helped by the comprehensive range of services and dedication to protection that has placed Centurion Guards as an industry leader. The company has over three decades worth of experience supplying security solutions and strivesto provide the highest quality of service in protective services across the UK and Europe.

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