Couple with 40 years camping experience launches website CampingGear.Supplies

A couple who have had over 40 years’ experience tent and RV camping around the U.S. have started a website to connect individuals who want to go camping with needed quality camping gear supplies.

Carl and Sandy have been married for 45 years. For the couple, camping is a family tradition, which started when their oldest son was only 6 weeks old. Now, 40 years later, they have decided to deploy their wealth of experience in helping fellow campers get the right gear for their adventures. CampingGear.Supplies contains all the camping gear and supplies needed in one place at the relatively lower prices.

As a one-stop shop for camping equipment, CampingGear.Supplies is affiliated with famous retail stores like Amazon, Camping World, and Walmart. The selling points offered by the website include fast shipping of orders to buyers, 24/7 customer service, and acceptance of returns in case of customer dissatisfaction. The items to be found on the website are numerous, and they include essential camping tools like outdoor tents, hammocks, sleeping bags, cookware, and backpacks.

According to Carl & Sandy, ‘aside from removing people from the hassles of daily urban living, camping is an activity that has been proven to provide numerous health benefits for both adults and kids.’

Speaking further on the benefits of camping, Carl said it boosts communication and builds healthier relationships, busts stress, and refreshes one’s connection with mother nature.

Carl’s wife Sandy, concurs with her husband on how camping improves well-being. “For a couple, camping can be a frugal way of having fun and reconnecting with both nature and each other. It can help rekindle romance and create memories that last a lifetime. However, you need to get the right equipment to enjoy it.”

‘We understand the importance of having the proper gear & supplies when camping. That is why we have launched a brand-new website for individuals who are looking for quality camping gear supplies at the best prices, “she further stated.

Besides showcasing camping gear and supplies, the couple also shares tips on camping. One of the blog posts on their website describes how to maximize the camping experience.

“To truly gain any lasting advantages from this sojourn into nature, all family members must part from their tablets, laptops and even mobile phones. Pick up the pen and journal your thoughts or start taking pictures with the vintage Kodak from the attic. Complete simple tasks, cook a meal or play some catch football with the kids – all without being interrupted by a notification on the mobile phone.”

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