10 Useful Everyday Uses of Essential Oils

When on vacation in Ireland, feet are often the vehicle of choice. After a long day of adventuring, people want to relax.Spa breaks in Ireland are popular with the locals. However, sometimes it can be hard. Some people choose to visit one of the spa hotels. That can be a little time consuming though. Alternatively, pure or essential oils have multiple uses for the traveller on the go. Due to their purity, they can be rubbed into the skin with little to no side effects. Here is a list of 10 uses of essential oils.

When travelling, ensuring good dental health is paramount. Gum and other breath fresheners have excess sugar in them. But drop a splash of peppermint oil below the tongue and there’s fresh breath without the cavities.

Shaving when on vacation can be rough. Sometimes, shaving cream doesn’t cut it for smoothness, freshness, or smell. By adding a bit of lavender or sandalwood oil, these problems resolve themselves. Lavender especially helps if one is prone to cutting themselves.

Getting a headache on vacation is no fun. But utilizing peppermint oil reduces the effects of one. Peppermint has cooling qualities, stimulating blood flow and reducing headaches.

Cooking fish is a smelly affair, but essential oils can help reduce the stink. Put some lemon oil in the air through diffusion while cooking to get rid of the smell.

Bed wetting is something that parents shudder to think about on vacation. Rather than deal with the clean-up, they can try rubbing cyprus oil on a child’s lower abdomen before they go to bed. It is recommended to start at least a week before any travel plans.

Smoothies on the go are a great, healthy option. To liven it up a little, add some lemon, wild orange, or lime oil to one. Give it a little flavour. A little bit is more than enough.

Dandruff on the lapel in a picture isn’t a pretty sight. Adding melaleuca to shampoo can help curb that. This is because of its antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

Walking for a while can leave shoes smelling, well, smelly. Rubbing some lemon, grapefruit, or lemon oil inside them can bust that bad smell. Experiment with different oils to see which works best.

Pests can really bug tourists on vacation. To encourage them to buzz off, travellers can spray or diffuse peppermint oil into the air.

These are merely 10 ways to use essential oils. These can improve daily life or make a vacation that much better. In Limerick, spa breaks are another way that travellers can relax after a long hard day of taking in the culture.

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