Essential Event Logistics Tips Organisers Need To Know

Attendees and their social media following determine the success of an event from venue, on-site technology to staffing. The following event logistics tips have been compiled to ensure the best possible execution.

To begin, organizers are encouraged to seek non-traditional venues that provide opportunities to build their brand’s value. Attendees will be inspired by an airport hangar or greenhouse backdrop. A unique setting makes for the perfect post on social media, which broadcasts the event to a larger audience. Organizers should be mindful of venue logistics by allowing a buffer into the scheduling. The buffer accounts for unexpected delays such as requirements and additional paperwork and provides needed flexibility in the scheduling.

A venue is solely the foundation of event logistics, but a successful event requires a map. The map elaborates the site details such as vendors, tables, generators and anything else that leads to the entry process and flow of attendees at the event. If necessary, some venues rent additional space to organizers to accommodate large masses of attendees. In this regard, organizers need to develop a plan of action in regards for entry and exit flow. This entails turning an entrance into an exit in addition to accommodating an emergency exit.

In the days leading up to an event, if there are large items that need to be shipped, such as trade show equipment, it is best to plan ahead and secure the services of a global freight forwarder. These companies can assist with event transportation services of equipment, goods, and other event services.

The success of an event depends on how effectively staff carries out their duties the day of. Organizers are encouraged to create a distinct chain of command. For example, organizers should appoint a staff member with a leadership role who has in depth training. Ifproblems should arise, they can address them. Next, organizers should utilize technology to streamline their event logistics. The use of technology allows organizers and their team to save time and money by allowing them to go paperless or automate repetitive tasks.

Unfortunately, technology is not always reliable,so organizers are encouraged to create contingency plans. These plans address event transportation delays, technological issues as well as briefing staff on how to take action if such incidents were to occur. However, an event’s success relies on communication between the organizers and their staff in respect to attendees. Staff who are confident are able to de-escalate situations as well as direct attendees to their respected areas as needed. Depending on the size of the event, organizers should appoint an individual or small group of staff at escalation points to resolve these issues.

Finally, organizers should be generous with refunds. It’s not realistic to aspire to meet everyattendee’s unrealistic expectations, and in the case of an unsatisfied client or guest, organizers can ensure the continued reputation of their brand by demonstrating generosity through refunds.

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