New Essential Oil Diffuser – Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Provides Spa-Like Experience

Loveland, Colorado – Aroma Outfitters, a company supplying a line of products and accessories specifically tailored to promote the essential oil lifestyle, has become a consumer favorite. Their products are hailed as mesmerizing, comforting and soothing—qualities that are a must to promote a truly relaxing experience with essential oils.

People are seeking alternatives to many mainstream methods of relaxing or promoting productivity. Options that are more natural, such as the use of essential oils, have emerged to take the alternative and natural health scene to new levels. Essential oils are typically obtained by distillation, and they have the characteristic fragrance of the plant or other source from the oil is extracted.

Scents have an enormous effect on an individual’s state of mind. They are tied to memory, to taste, and to feeling. A foul scent will cause someone to wrinkle their nose in distaste, while something more aromatic can help provide a pleasant element to the task at hand. One can think, for instance, of the differences between a soothing lavender or tangy lemon. One is more relaxing while the latter can help promote an energized and productive environment.

Numerous products centered around the use of these essential oils have arisen, such as diffusers. Unique among diffusers is a 3D diffuser. A 3D essential oil aromatherapy diffuser showcases the beauty of how essentials oils are vaporized with LED light shows. This appeals to both sight and smell for consumers, providing an oil diffusing experience that is serene and tranquil, allowing consumers a spa-like experience. 

The 3D galaxy ultrasonic glass diffuser with a 3D LED light effect just released by Aroma Outfitters seeks to help consumers release all of the tension from a stressful day. It features a unique color changing display that consumers can find soothing to watch, while a sleep timer and auto off function provide worry free and peaceful sleep. With other diffusers, a feature that consumers often struggle with is the small size of the reservoir where the water is stored in before mixing with the oil, requiring the hassle of filling it up more often. This diffuser features a larger tank to provide longer use and less hassle for consumers.

Numerous consumers have been helped by the line of products that Aroma Outfitters aims to provide. Their expertise in products that help consumers unwind and enjoy their essential oil experiences to the fullest have made them a valuable resource in an otherwise busy and hectic world.

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