Unskilled laborers start ‘wild west’ in the arborist industry

With the recent influx of tree removal work, unskilled ‘cowboys’ looking to cash in by passing themselves off as arborist.

Rated as the most dangerous industry in the world by Time Magazine in 2017, being an arborist just got a little more lethal as untrained and untrained ‘cowboys’ running fly-by-night businesses are setting up shop near you.

Unlike other regulated industries such as electrical and plumbing where licences are a prerequisite to work, the arborist industry is still largely unregulated.

According to Ben McInerney from GoTreeQuotes “homeowners are leaving themselves wide open to lawsuits when they invite an unskilled worker with no insurance to remove a tree from their property”.

“What if they fall from the tree and have no insurance?”

Ben himself admits that is not the biggest worry. “The most common complaint is damage done to properties when things go wrong and the worker just packs up and walks away.”

Ben removing a large Eucalyptus tree. Source https://www.gotreequotes.com.au

There is an industry standard of 10 million in public liability insurance to cover property and persons in case of an accident. The chances of something going wrong are multiplied if the workers are not formally trained.

The general public is becoming more educated about the arborist industry as a whole and are starting to ask for paperwork such as qualifications and insurance before contracting an arborist.

For some the temptation is too great to save a few hundred dollars. As these cowboys don’t have the overhead of paying workers compensation and other insurance they can do the work cheaper.

Tree removal gone wrong. Source YouTube

Ben had a warning for those looking to take a short cut “just do a quick internet search for ‘tree removal gone wrong’ you will see hundreds of videos just in the last 12 months of what happens when you don’t know what you are doing.”

There are 2 things you must ask for when getting a quote to remove a tree. An arborist certificate and public liability insurance.

You should always phone the insurer to make sure the cover is still valid before hiring.

Don’t go out on a limb and hire anybody, do your homework and get the job done right.


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