SellEton Scales becomes a pioneer in manufacturing scales and wrapping solutions for commercial and industrial applications

SellEton Scales is a leading manufacturer of scales and wrapping solutions for both commercial and industrial applications. Based in Los Angeles, CA, the company works with both national and international businesses to provide them scales and measuring devices for their business operations. It manufactures products that provide a high level of reliability and help the businesses in improving their productivity through more accurate readings and measurements. The company works with a goal to provide extremely accurate scales at an affordable price.

SellEton Scales provides precise weighing and measuring devices for a variety of applications and industries such as food production, agriculture, transportation, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and petrochemicals. For larger projects, the company also provides scale installation service. SellEton Scales is also one of the leading providers of legal-for-trade scales in the United States. Any business that buys, sells or charges based upon weight in the United States must use a legal-for-trade scale which is why they have to be highly precise and meet the standards set out by the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology).

SellEton Scales also offers a wide range of NTEP certified scales for different business applications. The National Conference on Weights and Measurement issues the NTEP Certificate of Conformance for devices that successfully comply with NIST standards. The company can also help the businesses in testing the accuracy of their existing weighing devices and obtain the NTEP certification.

Since the time of its establishment, SellEton Scales has worked with thousands of businesses and takes pride in their long list of happy clients. The company stocks around 85 different types of scale products and over 30 different truck sales. Some of the products offered by the company include industrial scales such as floor scales, bench scales, airplane scale kits, Vehicle scales such as weigh pads, axle scales and truck scales. The Tabletop scales category features balance scales, counting scales and the Agricultural scales category offers Livestock scales. The food and medical businesses can find food and portion scales, wash down scales, medical scales and wheelchair scales.

Some of the other products offered by the company include wrapping machines and accessories such as printers, cables, bumper guards and more. The company professionals also make sure to install and integrate the scales properly with any data sharing applications used by the client. All the scales and measuring devices are designed and built by a team of expert engineers, to match the high expectations of the clients.

All the products by the company can be viewed and ordered from The website features a user-friendly interface accompanied with friendly customer service and offers free shipping on all its products.

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