Ae\’ra Sunburn, the new action RPG launches on Kickstarter

Ae’ra Sunburn is here to bring much delight to the hardcore gamers with its top-notch, action-packed RPG. The game has launched a Kickstarter campaign with a goal to raise $36,485 to be used mainly for further game development and marketing. The users will also be able to pre-order the game at an early bird price through the fundraiser. Set is a vibrant fantasy world, the game will take the player into a thrilling adventure where they can explore, craft and enjoy the real-time modern combat system. The game will be released on Steam, PC and if the stretch goal meets, the developers will also release it for the console.

Ae’ra Sunburn is an adventurous game that will allow the player to fight enemies in their very own style while having precise control of their movements. It provides a new way of crafting; with more liberty to the user where they can create almost anything they desire or need. The player can explore brand new ways of playing a top-down ARPG and see if they can master the puzzles & obstacles ahead. This game also has a new take on how to develop and evolve the characters along the way to make it more challenging and fun.

Ae’ra Sunburn RPG can be played with friends and if the Kickstarter succeeds the developers will also make the game network operated, allowing the players to meet new people within the game. The exciting game is backed by equally fascinating backstory taking the player’s mind to new amazing places and giving them a truly unique experience. As an indoor environment, caves, and dungeons the camera will be switched to the third person for “up in your face” action and better interactions. Ae’ra Sunburn has over 40 hours of gameplay and more with the free DLC’s.

Ae’ra Sunburn is a modernized combat and RPG that takes inspiration from some of the classic RPGs from present and past. Instead of just hack n slashing through a swarm of enemies, the game allows the user to think and plan their steps and attack-patterns. The player can dodge, parry, counter-attack, use stealth and environments to win the fights. Using the combat crafting option, the player can tailor their attack patterns and create infinite combinations of moves like striking from multiple angles and a mix of raw strength as well as weapons, utility moves and more. The game features up to 5 custom-made attack rotations. In addition, the enemies will also use the combat system making the game even more challenging for the player. 

First 1000 backers can get the digital copy of the game at a price of SEK 149 (approx. $18) and the delivery is estimated to be in December 2018. More information about the game and other rewards can be found on their official Kickstarter page

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