Meier, a brand that affects the world is registered in Nasdaq

Recently, Meier represents the quality of Chinese national beauty, gorgeous landing on Nasdaq, amazing Wall Street, with the body nature of the oriental wisdom shine on Times Square, the unique personality shows Meier’s future, it is worth looking forward to!

The MEIER CHINA brand won the “most potential Award”, in the 2015 urban gift assessment activities, and by the West Lake Hangzhou museum reported G20 summit gift set, the nomination is one of the national gifts for G20 summit. Meier, the brand belongs to China’s parent company, born in 2011 in Hangzhou, China, is a collection development, production and sales as one of professional cosmetics company, with independent factory production lines, April 18, 2016, in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange floatation stock code 667670. By Ali Baba international and cross-border e-business platform, the global 14 countries trademark intellectual property and sales of ownership, and expand the global sales network system.

In the same year, Meier was selected as the designated brand of the annual inter-annual gala of hunan chamber of commerce. And win the recognition of the quality of Meier by the Chinese business community. Meier has been always adhering to the combination of fashion and the nature of international quality, focus on women’s skin care needs, with natural plant extracts as for raw material, make skin appear the most ideal state, make women looks more simple but elegant, quiet and gentle. Meier, has successively developed all-round innovation from the face, neck to the body care products series, insist on inheriting classic, continuous innovation, is committed to create natural gentle quality skin care products for the consumer, advocating “big beauty of natural, health, fashion” concept.

XiaoWeiQun,Meier’s founder said: Meier is so beautiful, contains the crystallization of human wisdom over one thousand years, and contains the ultimate belief of beauty,to Release the splendour of the pure soul,to move those who know and touch Meier also to move someone who have it, will have a blessing of love and beauty, have a great life, happiness and willing to put the good forces continue to pass, as beautiful as you, the world is the beautiful!

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