Dror Shaked of the web giant the latest of experienced hi-tech executives to join MaxData as an advisor

Dror Shaked of web giant wix has joined MaxData, a company that utilizes blockchain technology to reinvent the global service economy. “When I first heard Assi (MaxData CEO, Assi Zichlinski) describe their idea, I was immediately intrigued,” explained Shaked, “It is not often you hear companies come with such long-term vision, of a platform that affects not simply a niche group, but has the potential to change our market structure on a global level”. Shaked knows a thing or two about visionary companies. As Senior Vice President of Wix, he has had a hand in taking a promising young start-up to the top. Wix has led the way in the democratization of web development, disrupting the whole sector. Prior to Wix, Shaked was the Vice President of Investments at Decima Ventures, a position at the center of the exciting and ever-changing world of start-ups and tech companies.

So what does he see in MaxData? “MaxData has the potential to disrupt the whole service economy,” he responded, “This is a company taking a revolutionary yet widely misunderstood technology — the blockchain — and using it to restructure the very business-consumer relationships we are used to”. The company seeks to transform the service economy by facilitating direct connections between consumers and service providers. By creating such links, service providers will no longer need to hire giant marketing corporations to sift through troves of data to find customers. Cutting out such middlemen will allow service providers to conserve their budgets and offer market-wide price reductions.

“Shaked’s name goes way before him,” beamed MaxData CEO Assi Zichlinski, “As someone who has had a part in many companies that have since become household names, his joining our team gives us so much confidence in our ability to see our project through and disrupt the way we buy services”.

About MaxData:

MaxData utilizes blockchain technology to reinvent the global service economy to bring tangible benefits to the masses. Their platform facilitates the direct connection between consumers and businesses, transforming the way people buy their services. The company’s vision is to give ownership and profits on personal data back to consumers, reducing consumers’ cost of living while giving unprecedented value to companies making them more efficient and reducing their marketing costs.

MaxData.io was founded by Assi Zichlinski, the CEO, an esteemed figure in the Israeli hi-tech scene — with years of experience in the financial and technological worlds. In recent years, he has melded his knowledge in both these spheres to come to the fore of the cryptocurrency scene.

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