Urban Greens Offering Contemporary Plant Displays for Interior and Exterior Spaces

Plants can be a valuable addition to any workplace. They are aesthetically pleasing and decorative; they present a professional tone to incoming customers or clients. For a company’s employees, the presence of plants has even been connected to stress-relief and improved cognitive abilities. When it comes to interior landscapes, London offers a lot of options. But for individuals looking for the best interior and exterior plant displays; Urban Greens has a great reputation and work ethic. Based in Surrey, Urban Greens is a great choice for businesses throughout central London and South East England.

With Urban Greens, clients receive quality service. The company consists of members with extensive experience in the installation, design, and maintenance of stylish plant displays for interior and exterior spaces. The staff are dependable and professional as well. Urban Greens always works closely with a client to satisfy their unique aesthetic goals for a display. The company has experience crafting plant displays for a wide variety of projects, including golf clubs, restaurants, retail units, business offices, hotels, show rooms, and more. As a company with ContractorPlus accreditation that gets reviewed regularly, Urban Greens also seeks to adhere to strict and up to date safety information.

Urban Greens incorporates many elements into their business approach that makes them stand out from other companies. One of those elements is their dedication to the environment and nature. For example, Urban Greens refrains from using chemical pesticides. Instead, the company employs biological and organic pest control. They do this through their good hygiene practices. In addition, because they actively do maintenance for their plants, they also do early intervention. Urban Greens strives for environmental awareness when it comes to their office regulation as well. They dispose of organic waste material and office supplies and consumables. They also use recycled paper. Their environmental awareness ensures quality and safety for their customers.

Urban Greens offers a wide selection of plants to choose from, from the simplest daisies to most exotic wildflowers. They can arrange and style their products, so it best fits a client’s vision or imagination, and all at affordable pricing.  They feed, clean, prune, and water plants regularly as part of their maintenance. Urban Greens even offers specialseasonal and holiday designs. For those looking to get more information, they also have site surveys, free consultations, and expert advice.

Visit their website at http://www.urban-greens.com to start planting the seeds for a better business.

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