Citereum, the first cryptocurrency for merchandising, hotel booking and transportation will launch its ICO pre-sale on April 1, 2018

Citereum is the newly launched cryptocurrency, based on smart contract Ethereum blockchain ERC20 that provides first of its kind payment solution application for merchandising, hotel booking and transportation. The official pre-sale ICO for Citereum (CTRM) will begin on April 1st, 2018 and last till April 14th, 2018. A total of 2 million CTRM tokens will be issued at a price of $1 per token along with an additional bonus of 7% through the pre-sale.

The main ICO will begin on April 15th, composed of various phases and last till June 12th. The maximum supply of Citereum will be 34 million in total, and the initial supply is 14 million. The users will also receive 5 CTRM tokens upon sign-up as well as 5 CTRM tokens for referral sign-up. Citereum also provides an opportunity to the investors to earn 10% yearly on coin staking and 10% monthly on their advance rewards funding.

Citereum is created with an aim to bring the next-gen revolution in the era of global transportation. It is basically a computer network that will connect self-driving vehicles, aircraft, rails, ships and more to everyone on that network, allowing them to discover, communicate and transact using the Citereum token. The users will be able to pay through the CTRM token for using any of those vehicles, aircraft, rails etc. to get a ride or deliver a package.

Citereum is a highly secure decentralized cryptocurrency that is not regulated or controlled by any government organization or individual. It provides the power in the hands of the user and allows them to transact more effectively, fast and with lesser or no transaction cost as compared to the conventional fiat currencies. Through the ICO, the users will be able to purchase the Citereum using Bitcoin and Ethereum while more payment options will be added soon. The owners will also be able to earn Citereum through lending, staking and purchasing the using the coin direct through one of the four cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dashcoin.

Citereum also offers 10% to 30% Advanced Rewards funding program and a referral program which pays the user a daily dividend rewards on their funding. At the end of the advance rewards funding period, the owners will receive their initial funding amount back in Citereum. The creators of Citereum believe that it will bring the much-needed decentralization in the transport industry to create economic opportunities such as on-demand, manned rides, and deliveries. More information about Citereum and the upcoming ICO can be found at


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