After successfully selling out in pre-sale, Privacy Stake is launching its ICO on April 10th

The pre-ICO sale by the blockchain based staking platform Privacy Stake has received a great response and sold out completely by its end date. And now once more, Privacy Stake is pleased to announce that their official ICO will begin on April 10th. The main ICO will be composed of three rounds, with each offering 2 million PIVS, the official token of Privacy Stake. The first round will offer PIVS at a price of $0.75 each, followed by two more rounds that will offer the token at $1 and $2 respectively. The ICO will end on April 25th, 2018.

Privacy Stake is a cryptocurrency based platform that is aimed to resolve the issues concerned with conventional lending and staking platforms. It is created with a mission to replace lending and staking platforms with something safer and faster along with minimal fees. This platform strives to maintain its legality and sustainability in the long term by making sure that the people and members are safe and anonymous from the government.

Privacy Stake’s main goal is to be the biggest staking platform that is sustainable. What makes it stand apart from its counterparts is that it offers a privacy-staking program where all the actions of the user remain anonymous. Using the staking program will also allow the investor to gain weekly interest that will be paid out in privacy coins. The user can either reinvest or withdraw the profits to their personal wallet. All the transactions done by privacy coins are untraceable and anonymous.

As soon as PrivacyStake is listed on the external exchange(s), the investors will be able to sell the PIVS tokens. There are other ways as well by which the investors can earn profit such as the privacy staking program where they can stake the PIVS tokens in return for privacy coins. Using the highest package in this program, the investors can earn a guaranteed 225% interest in 15 weeks. To earn further profits, the investor can reinvest earned privacy coins or else they can choose not to reinvest and get a capital release at the end of the staking period. The capital release will be paid in PIVS tokens and privacy coins and depending on the investor’s chosen package, they will also receive a PIVS bonus. The investors can choose to get paid in Monero, Dash or PIVS.

Privacy Stake is an anonymous platform that is hosted offshores. It doesn’t require any personal information from the investors to maintain their complete privacy.

More information about the platform and the upcoming ICO can be found at

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