Shirley Smith Releases New Book Titled Treasure from Heaven

An ardent believer in God, Shirley heard God’s word for the time when she was a child, and she used to teach her Bible story books to her doll. Now, she has matured enough to write a book that has to do with the teaching of God.

Jacksonville, Florida – March 29th, 2018 – In the book, ‘Treasure from heaven’, Shirley talks about the way God has guided her all along and emphasizes why everyone needs to open their heart to God’s guidance and even receive the treasures that God has sent for us.

When contacted, Shirley was quoted as saying, “I have believed in the power and guidance of God since a very young age. I believe that people need to hear the true calling of God and do what the Lord wants them to do. It is the right direction which creates an apt difference.”

With her book, Shirley believes that she can offer the right kind of guidance to a lot of people who are looking to spot solace in their life. God knows how to test people and even how to offer them the right help when they need it. This is what she aspires to help people understand through her book. She wants the readers to strengthen the kind of belief they have in God and also to understand when God tries to signal them to take the different course of action in life.

She has been reading the Bible and practicing the lessons ever since a very young age, and she left it on the Lord to guide her regarding the vocation she should choose. She believes it is God who ended up guiding her toward teaching and post-retirement; God indicated that she should write about the lessons that strengthened her. This is what gave her the impetus to pen this marvelous book which is already fetching great reviews.

Those who would like to know more about the author or even the ones looking to purchase the book should visit the Amazon store.

About Shirley Smith

Shirley Smith is a retired federal government employee who is an ardent believer in the Lord. She believes that it is the Lord who has helped her throughout her life and has strengthened her and given the impetus to achieve all which she had done.

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