How To Lose Weight While Suffering from Adrenal Fatigue

Studies say that almost every person on this planet can experience adrenal fatigue, also known as hypoadrenia, to some degree, only because of a stressful point in his or her life. Symptoms of adrenal fatigue can be very confusing for us. Adrenal fatigue symptoms include extreme anxiety, exhaustion, brain fog or weight gain.

When we feel stressed, our bodies release cortisol which gives us energy so we can control our tasks, but our cells demand more and more energy, that means more glucose – so they tell our brain to feed them. In this moment, all we do is to eat and feel even more stressed about that.
Lose Weight And Help Adrenals To Recover

Adrenal fatigue is very similar in terms of change in hormone production. In adrenal fatigue, your cortisol and thyroid hormones are all out of balance. First thing you have to do is to have some adrenal support by having a healthy diet and also, you can help your adrenals with some natural dietary supplements.

While the levels cortisol in your body are going to normal levels, your food cravings and tiredness will dissapear. Taking care of your adrenal health will help your body to restore, and lose weight more easily, while your entire body will feel better.

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You don’t need stimulants to feel energized, you need to balance your cortisol and insulin levels and support the adrenal glands, while maintaining healthy levels of stress hormones. Try the Adrenal Support & Cortisol Manager, which contains an adaptogenic formula with Ashwagandha and Licorice for reducing cravings and holy basil for calm and adrenal vitality, helping you in to go through weight loss programs more easily.

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