FoOoZ Coin Promises To Overcome Bitcoin Price

According to the new coin “FoOoZ” released roadmap, the founder of UK based FOOOZ Co., Dr. Hesham Dabah “A medical doctor with 25 years of public and private management and business experience who studied the economy in NYU “states that FoOoZ coin price will gain an infinity price by 2028.

FOOOZ Company uses the ICO money to mine the top 10 cryptocurrency, and then deposit erupted coins as collateral assets to the FoOoz coin. In March 31 st. FoOoZ Pre-sale starts and offers 50% extra coins to investors, and present the first collateralized coin with digital assets in cryptocurrency.

Running the coin in Ethereum blockchain and applying logics to ERC20 smart contract introducing “P.O.A”, a new concept where the not sold token will not be burn as other ICOs. The remain not sold FoOoZ coins in ICO will be locked in a smart contract which will release for sale according to market index on pre-set events when the collateral assets covers 50% or more of FoOoZ coins value in the market.

FOOOZ Co. announced in its white paper that 10% of the sale price of every pre-set sale event for FoOoZ coins will be distributed to coin holders, 25% of it will be locked in the collateral wallet and the rest 50% is invested in expanding the hash power.

Investors will be rewarded by 25% of revenues from the mining operations on a regular basis as an ongoing bonus, a 25% of erupted coins deposited as collaterals, and the remaining 50% will be re-invested in the continuous mining operations.

And following to the trend used to make FoOoZ ICO different; buyers get an option to invest in the coin and chose from many different payment plans up to 10 months.

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