Destined to gather the Beauty of Anji, Anji Tourism for Shanghai market officially launched.

Destined to gather, two places close like a family.

The waters of the Huangpu River wind down the mountains of Anji, ending up gathering in Shanghai.

Anji is the source of the Huangpu River in Shanghai, and Shanghai is an important market for Anji tourism. In 2018, Anji tourism dedicated towards the Shanghai market as its go-to area, using the branding effect of “the source of the Huangpu River”, and continuously spreading the influence of Anji tourism in the Shanghai market.

On 22nd March 2018, the People’s Government of Anji District, the tourism development committee of Huzhou city and Ctrip group jointly launched the opening ceremony and press conference of the 2018 Anji-Shanghai tourism promotion event. This event aimed to promote the branding idea of “Beautiful Anji” and improve the popularity of Anji tourism in the Shanghai market and even going as far as to do so over the whole Huadong market. We will publicize the new business model, new developments and new achievements of Anji tourism, and make Anji synonymous with the idea of being “the first district for family-friendly tourism in China and a demonstration of international village life”.

The promotional activities of the day began with the Beautiful Anji tourism promotion film and a video of tourism experts at the source of the Huangpu River. Later, Wang Jie, the deputy head of the people’s government of Anji district gave a welcome speech to the guests. She said that Anji is the birthplace of the President Xi Jinping’s idea that “crystal clear waters and green hills are also mountains of gold and silver”. Longwang Mountain in China is the source of the Huangpu River in Shanghai, and it has a natural connection with Shanghai.

Anji has blue sky and clear water, beautiful scenery, the fragrance of white tea, bamboo rich areas to explore, first-class leisure environment, and a rustic village aesthetic that makes Anji the best place for family self-driving and leisure in Shanghai city. In recent years, a large number of leisure tourism projects have been conducted in Anji, and new industries such as family parks, water parks, and homestays have sprouted up. Here you can have fun with your kids and enjoy life.

Wang Jie, the deputy head of the Anji County People’s Government delivered a welcome speech.

The related leaders of Ctrip Group attended the activities of the day and released the 2017 rural tourism white-paper at the event. The top ten Ctrip Anji tour routes were also released to the public at the same time, including the most exciting Anji Spring Village and Family Fun Tour. Anji ZhuYue also performed a wonderful performance on the cruise. We also know that during the promotional period of the Destined to gather, the Beauty of Anji campaign, Ctrip will also work with the source of Huangpu River theme event and the Huangpu River theme promotion activities, continuing event marketing. The company launched a number of marketing activities with distinctive themes and brand features and launched the brand of Anji Tourism Products in the Shanghai market.

At the conference, a number of signing ceremonies including the long-term strategic cooperation agreement between Anji and the Ctrip Group were held. After the signing of the Anji-Ctrip Strategic Cooperation Agreement, Ctrip will continue to leverage its platform advantage to integrate the tourism resources of the Anji Region and customize Anji’s four seasons travel products. Furthermore, they will also continuously innovate online and offline marketing, enhance the Anji tourism brand image from brand marketing to product landing to big data services, as well as fully promote the brand of Anji “the first district for family-friendly tourism in China and a demonstration of international village life”.

In order to coordinate the tourism promotion activities, at the same time,Ctrip invitation the Chinese and foreign KOL and domestic tour and founder of the mainstream community in Anji line will also on March 22-24. Tour action invited five travelers from home and abroad for the depth of the Anji travel for three days, to show more Anji’s scenery and culture to visitors and through the Weibo, WeChat, social media, such as the client will be the beautiful scenery in the journey through pictures, video, travels to the tourists to spread around the world. It is understood that the activities focusing on the huangpu river source, crouching tiger, hidden dragon setting bamboo sea scenic spot to broadcast live and propaganda, let more people know Anji, to expand Anji tourism market’s influence.

After 20 years of exploration, Anji county has realized the magnificent transformation from rural tourism to rural vacation to rural life, and has been leading in zhejiang and even the whole country and the world. The opening of this Shanghai promotion is a great opportunity for the promotion of Anji tourism in Shanghai and eastern China. Ctrip group will also be a deeper cooperation and Anji tourism department, integrate Anji’s tourism resources, research and development for all kinds of tourists, the diversification of products for Anji travel constantly inject new vitality, help Anji first county “the first district for family-friendly tourism in China and a demonstration of international village life” tourism brand building and upgrading.

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